7 Top Financial Modeling Courses To Take in 2024

Looking to enhance your financial modeling skills? Look no further!
In this blog post, we will explore the top financial modeling courses available for individuals of all backgrounds and expertise levels.

Whether you’re a finance professional looking to upskill or a student wanting to kickstart your career, these courses are perfect for you. Get ready to dive into the world of financial modeling and take your skills to the next level.

best financial modeling courses

Financial Modeling Skills:

  • Become a proficient user of Microsoft Excel
  • Execute regular tasks quicker
  • Build P&L statements from a raw data extraction
  • Acquire financial modeling skills
  • Learn how to value a company
  • Build valuation models from scratch
  • Create models with multiple scenarios
  • Design professional advanced charts
  • Problem-solving

Best Financial Modeling Courses 2024:

Prepare for the Future of Finance with The Best Financial Modeling Courses:

Find the best financial modeling courses for 2024.

corporate finance institute coupon

Provider: CFI
Cost: $497 / year

CFI is one of the leading providers of online finance certification programs. CFI financial modeling courses are designed by professional trainers with decades of experience training financial modeling at global financial institutions.

You will access 25 courses consisting of over 1250+ lessons, and 110+ interactive exercises Learn by doing guided simulations.

This extensive library one of the best financial modeling courses covers a wide range of topics from beginner to very advanced models.

You can learn to build standard three-statement financial forecast models, M&A models, and LBO models.
Also, you can learn how to build models for specific industries such as mining, real estate, startups, renewable energy projects, and ESG.

learn to aspiring analysts or seasoned finance professionals alike can bolster their financial modeling skills while earning continuing professional education credits. Courses can also be applied to CFI’s various certifications to advance your career.

Provider: Financial Edge
Duration: 12 hours
Cost: £165.83

This online financial modeling course offers an ideal opportunity to learn about model building, explore various techniques, and gain a comprehensive and practical understanding of the subject matter.

Learn how to integrate and model the three major financial statements using real accounts. Discover how to edit a financial model. Also, you will learn how to clean up the income statement and balance sheet and get accurate estimates for revenues.

This course will cover historical data, debt and interest calculations, cash sweeps, revolvers, circularities, error-checking fundamentals, techniques, keyboard shortcuts, prevention methods, and more.

coursera discount code

Provider: Coursera
Duration: 1 month
Cost: $79 / month

The Business and Financial Modeling Specialization by Wharton aims to assist individuals in making well-informed decisions regarding business and finance.

These fundamental courses included in this program will provide an introduction to spreadsheet models, various modeling techniques, and typical applications for analyzing investments, valuing companies, making forecasts, and more.

Learn how to create your own quantitative models, understand the measurement and management of risk, and structure your decision-making for optimum results

Upon finishing the Specialization, you will possess the necessary skills to utilize your own data for describing real-life situations, creating different scenarios, and predicting performance outcomes.

Provider: NYIF
Duration: 2 weeks
Cost: $190 /month

In this financial modeling course, you learn how to build common to complex financial models on Excel with information provided both on financial statements and from external sources.

Learn the differentiate between different ways of summing and counting, control the appearance of numbers and text, and apply various methods for determining dates.

Also, you will learn how to create a Pivot Table to analyze data sets, use functions for discounting on uneven periods, understand other useful Excel features, and apply financial modeling best practices.

Learn how to project an income statement and balance sheet, Incorporate projection scenarios in a model
and add an automatic cash sweep feature to a model

cap town

Duration: 8 weeks
Cost: $586

Develop your understanding of financial forecasting, corporate valuation, and market analysis in preparation for a career in asset management.

This Financial Modelling and Analysis course from the University of Cape Town (UCT) introduces you to the fundamental concepts required for Excel-based modeling and forecasting.

On it, you’ll develop the skills to create a mathematical model in Microsoft Excel that reflects the historical, current, or projected value or financial performance of an asset, stock, or investment. Guided by expert faculty,

You’ll learn to recommend strategic business decisions with the use of financial modeling and create a discounted cash flow analysis using financial forecasts.

By the end of this course, you’ll have explored how to build revenue models, determine realistic forecast assumptions, and learn how historic data is forecasted into the future.


Duration: 17.5 hours
Cost: $45

This course created by 365 Careers is the #1 best-selling provider of business and finance courses on Udemy.

You will learn financial modeling from someone who has walked the same path. Beat the learning curve and stand out from your colleagues with this course.

Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to work comfortably with Microsoft Excel and many of its advanced features and become a top Excel user on your team.

Also, you will learn how to produce a valuation model from scratch, create a model with multiple scenarios, and design professional and advanced charts.

You will acquire Excel proficiency by learning advanced functions, pivot tables, visualizations, and Excel features, developing a P&L statement from raw data extraction, and building a cash flow statement.

wall street prep

Cost: $499

This Financial Modeling course designed by Wall Street Prep is the most widely recognized, “industry-standard” certificate available in the market.
Over 20,000 people enroll in Wall Street Prep’s Certification in Financial and Valuation Modeling annually.

Wall Street Prep was established in 2003 and has grown to become the global leader in financial training.

To earn the certification, candidates must demonstrate practical financial modeling and valuation skills with the same type of rigorous, “hands-on” training used for new-hire training at leading investment banks and private equity firms.

This program actually used to deliver in-person training to leading investment banks and private equity firms around the world, all of which gets adapted into the Certification in Financial and Valuation Modeling.

The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of financial and valuation modeling methodologies that represent the core skill set of a practitioner.

Candidates learn the steps to building a core 3-statement model, DCF modeling, and spreading trading/transaction comps, as well as more complex models such as accretion/dilution analysis and leveraged buyout (LBO) modeling. And these are exactly the firms that hire WSP to train their new classes of analysts and associates.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you’re completely new to Financial Modeling or a seasoned finance professional, These online financial modeling courses mentioned in this article offer comprehensive training that will expand your knowledge of financial modeling to the highest level.

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  • 39 hands-on courses, 16 required to earn the FMVA certification
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You can choose the best financial modeling course for you and get certified at your place.

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