Top 10 Project Finance Courses in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Would you like to be more in touch with the latest developments in project finance? Look no further!

In this blog post, you will find the best project finance courses perfect for anyone interested in this exciting field. Whether you’re a finance professional looking to expand your skillset or a student considering a career in project finance, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to dive into the world of project finance and discover the top courses that will take your knowledge and expertise to the next level.

project finance courses

Project Finance Courses Objectives:

  • Building a project finance model in Excel for a toll road project
  • Learn Financial modeling techniques for complex project finance transactions
  • Creating macros and Excel VBA codes to break circularities
  • Valuation analysis using Discounted Cash Flow
  • Building an integrated statement financial model
  • Integrating monthly construction sheets into semi-annual operations sheets
  • Preparation of trusted project finance models for investors and financiers.

Best Project Finance Courses 2023:

Master Project Finance With The Best Project Finance Courses:

Find the best Project Finance Courses for 2023.


Cost: $127/Month

This Professional Certificate develops a complete set of skills for investors, commercial and investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, and regulators.

You will learn about the accounting and economic drivers that motivate the use of Project Finance as opposed to other types of commercial lending and investment.

Also, you will meet the key participants and learn about their roles and responsibilities in creating operational and financial structures at critical points in a project timeline.

wall street prep

Cost: $499

This is the same comprehensive training program delivered to some of the world’s leading banks, developers, and funds.

This program breaks down everything you need to build and interpret project finance models for a transaction.

You will learn how deals are put together to build best-practice financial models through advanced analysis using macro-powered data tables & scenario managers.

In this course, you’ll go through a case study to walk through building and optimizing a model from scratch.


Cost: £365.83

The Project Financier is made up of 3 skills certificates. Pass each one to unlock your micro-degree.

This project finance course will teach you the top 4 investment banks’ incoming analysts. Includes accounting, financial modeling, project analysis, project accounting, project risks, and both simple and advanced project modeling.

moodys analytics

Cost: $3995

This course will help delegates assess project feasibility, conduct financial analyses, structure investments using various sources of funds, and review key provisions of the documentation.

The course has an international focus and will identify the critical components of projects and their associated risks.

You’ll learn how to evaluate the major players in a project, understand the drivers of the viability of a project finance transaction, and learn to interpret a financial model to assess and stress test a transaction.
Also, you will be able to identify the inherent risks in a project and take actions to mitigate them

Cost: Free

In this course, you’ll learn the key strategies used by project managers to generate crucial funding for their projects.

This course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and necessary tools to create the optimum financing structure for your project and enhance its potential to attract funding.

You’ll learn by using case studies that give learners first-hand experience in what it takes to put together a financeable project.

At the end of the course, you’ll understand what is required to achieve successful project financing.


Cost: $25

This course will provide step-by-step instructions on how to build a financial model suitable for analyzing project finance transactions.

You’ll master the high-end financial modeling skills to develop, modify, and analyze financial models for projects in the infrastructure sector.

Also, you will learn how to build 3 financial statement models, how to integrate monthly construction sheets into semi-annual operations sheets, and prepare trusted project finance models tailored to investors and financiers.

fitch learning

This course is designed to equip participants with an overview of Project Finance by taking them through all stages of a Project Finance transaction, so they can apply the techniques.

You’ll learn to apply a structured and systematic approach to financing projects using the techniques of Project Finance.

Also, you’ll learn how the mechanisms in the transaction documents operate to protect the creditors and evaluate the protection provided.


This course draws on real-life case studies to examine why major infrastructure projects have succeeded or failed. This course is attended by the world’s top investment and corporate banks.
They provide a framework for valuing, structuring, and financing large-scale projects, including project finance modeling, and important considerations for loan documentation and insurance.
You’ll gain a practical working knowledge of the key areas of project and infrastructure finance. experts.

Cost: $5,900

The Certificate in Project Finance course is a self-paced online course in advanced Project Finance modeling designed to turbocharge your understanding of projects.

This certified project finance program is a full Project Finance bid simulation. There is no other course like it available anywhere.

coursera discount code

Cost: Start for free

This course focuses on how private investors approach infrastructure projects from the standpoint of equity, debt, and hybrid instruments.

The repeated use of real-life examples and case studies will allow students to link the theoretical background to actual business practices.

At the end of the course, students will be capable of analyzing a complex transaction, identifying the key elements of a deal, and suggesting proper solutions for deal structuring from a financial advisor’s perspective.

Finally, We hope this list for the best project finance courses help you to find the best for your needs.

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