The 10 Best Excel Data Analysis Courses 2024 (Free & Paid)

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and popular data analysis desktop applications on the market today. By participating in the Microsoft Excel Data Analysis course you’ll gain the widely sought-after skills necessary to effectively analyze large sets of data, clean, prepare for presentation, and learn how to present the data in an interactive dashboard report.

Excel data analysis courses
Excel data analysis courses

Excel Data Analysis Courses Objectives:

  • Analyze a dataset using native Excel tools
  • Apply Excel tools and formulas to transform and structure your data
  • Create pivot tables to slice and dice your data
  • Visualize data with pivot charts and Excel Charts
  • Use effective design principles when creating and presenting data
  • Analyze data in spreadsheets by using filter, sort, and look-up functions.
  • Learn Excel techniques to build sophisticated spreadsheets.
  • Explore the landscape of data analysis and visualization

Best Excel Data Analysis Courses 2024:

Master Data Analysis in Excel With The Best Excel Data Analysis Courses:

Find the best Excel data analysis courses for 2024.

Provider: IBM
Cost: Start for free

This course is offered by IBM, this course teaches the basics of Excel for data analysis. Suitable for those interested in data analysis or using Excel for data analysis.
No prior experience with spreadsheets or coding is required, accessible through a web browser or desktop Excel.

In this course, you’ll gain experience working with data sets and spreadsheets, learn to load data from different formats, Perform data wrangling and cleansing tasks using functions, and expand your knowledge of data analysis through filtering and sorting.

Provider: Datacamp
Cost: Start for free

This data analysis in Excel course from Datacamp will teach you how to analyze data with PivotTables and intermediate logical functions.

You will learn how to extract valuable insights, and keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.
You’ll explore the concept of customer segmentation and gain the skills to maximize customer success, and increase revenue

You will understand how different variables can impact your sales, perform sensitivity analysis, and use it to make informed predictions.

Provider: IBM
Cost: Free

This course is designed for aspiring data analysts and those who need to analyze data in their company.

In this course, you will build the fundamental knowledge required to use Excel spreadsheets to perform basic data analysis.

This course covers the basic workings and key features of Excel to help students analyze their data.

This course teaches fundamental Excel skills for data analysis, including videos, demos, examples, and hands-on labs.

Also, you will learn data cleaning, wrangling, sorting, filtering, and pivot tables, an introduction to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, and how to import data from multiple sources.

Provider: Udemy
Cost: $299

This Excel data analysis course covers some of the most popular data analysis Excel functions and dashboard tools and will take your Microsoft Excel skills to new heights.

In this course, you will understand and Identify the principles of data analysis, and use effective design principles when creating and presenting data.

Take full advantage of the Microsoft Excel tools offered in order to analyze and build dashboard reports.
Learn to build interactive dashboard reports, analyze Excel data using Excel-based functions, and learn to analyze data with Excel PivotTables and Pivot Charts.

Provider: Code Academy
Cost: Free

This free Excel for data analysis course is designed for beginners and needs 7 hours to complete.
In this course, you’ll learn to take raw data and produce insightful analyses using Excel’s import tools, formulas, sorting and filtering tools, pivot tables, and charts. You will also learn best practices for managing, protecting, and cleaning data in Excel.

Provider: My Great Learning
Cost: Free

This free course is to practice Data Analytics using Excel. You’ll understand several phases of a data analytics project, Data Cleaning, and different Excel functions that help you work with different tasks.

The course starts with the Introduction to Data Analytics and explains the phases of the Data Analytics project.

It will further guide you to use different functions of Excel like Sort and Filter, Lookup functions, conditional formatting, Pivot tables, and more.

Provider: CFI
Cost: Free

In this course, you’ll become an expert at applying Excel for data analysis, You’ll work hands-on with real-world scenarios, using datasets pulled from financial statements and retail sales.

You’ll learn to structure your data into spreadsheets and tables, analyze and produce insights from that data using pivot tables, and visualize those insights by building a dashboard in Excel.

You’ll apply these skills using modern functionality like dynamic array formulas, linked data types, and Ideas in Excel.

Provider: LinkedIn
Cost: Free

In this course, You’ll learn to unlock the power of data analysis and visualization in Excel.

Learn foundational concepts like mean, median, and standard deviation, and visualize data using histograms, graphs, and charts in Excel.

Learn to test hypotheses and model data distributions, calculate covariance, correlation, probabilities, combinations, and permutations.

Provider: Dataquest
Cost: Free

In this free course, you will gain the skills you need to analyze and visualize data using Microsoft Excel.

In this path, you will learn how to identify trends, communicate key insights to stakeholders, and help your organization make data-driven decisions.

This course is designed for aspiring data professionals with little experience and learners who use basic Excel in their jobs.

You’ll learn how to manipulate data using complex formulas, commands, and tools, such as macros, pivot tables, and advanced graphs.

Provider: Upgrad
Cost: Free

In this course, you will understand the Excel interface and learn how to read a typical data file and the structure of the Excel interface.

Then you’ll learn about Analysing Patterns, Storytelling, and Exploratory Data Analysis in Excel.

Also, you’ll learn the basics of Inferential statistics, hypothesis testing crash, and introduction to research Methodology


In conclusion, Excel data analysis courses are an essential investment for anyone looking to enhance their analytical skills and unlock the full potential of Excel. Whether you’re a business professional, student, or job seeker, these courses provide valuable knowledge and practical techniques that can be applied in various industries and roles. From learning advanced formulas and functions to mastering data visualization and modeling, Excel data analysis courses offer a comprehensive toolkit for making informed decisions and extracting valuable insights from data. So why wait? Enroll in a course today and take your Excel skills to the next level!

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