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85% OFF – Sound Therapy Diploma Course
Thiscourse is designed to learn you how sound and therapy work so well together. The art of using sound for healing is a fascinating and ancient ...
67% OFF – Aromatherapy Diploma Course
the Aromatherapy Diploma Course opens by sharing the history of the practice with you – explaining how it came about, how it’s changed and where it ...
70% OFF – Advanced Aromatherapy Diploma Course
In This course will taken you straight into studying the tools of your trade, essential oils. You’ll grow to really understand each essential oil you ...
62% OFF – Wicca Diploma Course
The Wicca Diploma Course offers a journey of discovery - showing you how to live life magically, and wholly attuned with nature, using the beautiful, ...
62% OFF – Advanced Wicca Diploma Course
This course takes you further into the theories and history of Wiccan practices, You’ll discover more about how spells come together and how to ...
80% – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Diploma Course
The course will giving you both the knowledge of how and why certain techniques work along with how to do them and incorporate them easily into your ...
75% OFF -Mindfulness for Children Diploma Course
This course aims to help children to benefit from practising mindfulness and arm them with techniques that will help them to handle negative emotions ...
67% OFF – Mindfulness Based CBT Diploma
Mindfulness Based CBT Diploma:  
67% OFF – Mindfulness Diploma Course
The Mindfulness Course learn you step-by-step how to make mindfulness a way of life.
Graphic Design Diploma Course
This  Graphic Design Diploma Course provides you with all the information you need to get started in this creative industry. You’ll gain an ...
55% OFF – Criminal Psychologist Course
Delve into the mind-boggling world of criminal behaviour, false testimonies and criminal profiling, detecting the reliability of witnesses and ...
60% OFF – Social Media Marketing Diploma Course

This course will teach you how to create a multi-platform Social Media Marketing strategy which engages your audience, developing and ...

65% OFF – Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Diploma Course

This Course is for those who have set up a therapy or coaching business, or are about to, and love doing what they do, but are ...

67% OFF – Marketing & PR for Small Businesses Diploma Course

This Course simplifies the learning process with easy-to-understand, straightforward, and useful techniques that you can apply to ...

70% OFF – Internet Marketing Strategies for Business Course

Through this course you will learn the many ways to market a business online and how each element works independently and ...

65% OFF – How to Make Marketing Videos for Business Diploma Course

This course will learn you how to make videos as a small business. You’ll explore the different types of video you can make, how to ...

65% OFF – Affiliate Marketing Diploma Course
With the Affiliate Marketing Diploma Course, you’ll learn how to start your own affiliate marketing business. how to use affiliate marketing ...
67% OFF – Chinese Nutritional Therapy Diploma Course
This course takes students through being able to recognise causes of disease, diagnostic methods of Chinese medicine, and then onto how to treat ...
75% OFF – 30 Day Ultimate Raw Food Programme
The 30 Day Ultimate Raw Food Programme will show you how you can transform your health and well-being by following an exciting raw food diet. ...
61% OFF – Child Nutrition Diploma Course
This course is aimed at anyone who is involved with the nutrition of children and pregnant women. As a parent, the course will empower you to make ...
67% OFF – Alkaline Nutritionist Diploma Course
This course will teach you everything that you need to know about living a more alkaline lifestyle. Living the Alkaline way will lift your spirit ...
80%OFF – Advanced Nutrition for Weight Loss Diploma Course
This course is ideal for those that are either looking to work with clients helping them to lose weight and devise nutritional programmes for them, ...
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