10 Best Financial Analysis Courses With Certificate in 2023

Interested in a career in financial analysis? Take one of these best financial analysis courses with certificate to get started. This list includes the top financial analysis courses with free and paid options.

Financial Analysis Courses
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Best Financial Analysis Courses With Certificate 2023:

Master Financial Analysis With The Best Financial Analysis Courses With Certificate:

Find the best financial analysis courses for 2023.

In this course, we’ll dive into the world of financial analytics. Get ready to discover the ins and outs of applying financial analytics in practical scenarios. You’ll cover everything from understanding the importance of financial analytics to learning when and how to put it into action. You’ll also get a chance to explore different methods for analyzing time series data and gain insights into the risk-reward trade-off emphasized in modern portfolio theory.


  • Understand the forecasting process
  • Describe time series data
  • Develop an ARIMA Model
  • Understand a basic trading algorithm

This practical course in financial analysis teaches you how to conduct a comprehensive financial evaluation of any organization. You’ll learn to use a range of ratios derived from financial statements, and you’ll also discover best practices for presenting your findings in Excel.


  • Calculate and interpret return ratios like return on equity and return on assets.
  • Analyze the income statement with profitability ratios.
  • Assess asset utilization and working capital efficiency.
  • Calculate and interpret leverage and liquidity ratios.
  • Perform a comprehensive trend analysis.
  • Compare company performance to industry peers for insights.

This program will give you the foundational accounting and finance skills needed to make critical business decisions.


  • Construction of primary financial statements and the information they capture
  • Calculation of key performance ratios for evaluating business performance
  • Creation of financial forecasts for better business management and presentation to investors and creditors
  • Application of data analysis in managerial decisions, particularly in start-ups.

This course is the most comprehensive, dynamic, and practical course you will find online. It covers the fundamental for every aspiring financial analyst.


  • Work comfortably with Microsoft Excel
  • Format spreadsheets professionally
  • Create professional charts in Microsoft Excel
  • Understand accounting and bookkeeping principles
  • Build a company’s P&L from scratch
  • Create a company’s balance sheet
  • Perform Financial statement analysis

Discover the wide range of career opportunities available to professional financial analysts.


  • difference between finance and accounting
  • fundamentals of finance automation Common tools
  • best practices of financial analysis

This course is designed to prepare students to interpret and analyze financial statements for tasks such as credit and security analyses, lending and investment decisions, and other decisions that rely on financial data.


  • Learn how to analyze and understand financial statements.
  • Lending and investment decisions
  • Delve deeper into financial reporting from the viewpoint
  • The concepts and recording procedures

With this course, you’ll monitoring the evolution of traded assets is key in finance. 


  • Build a graphical dashboard with spreadsheets
  • Visualize prices and measure essential reward and risk indicators
  • Measure essential reward and risk indicator
  • Build great monitoring tools used by traders and financial analysts in their business life.

This course will explore the distinctions between bonds and stocks, along with their pros and cons, and what they can and can’t be used for. You’ll also get familiar with financial statements, various types of financial ratios, and how to analyze and utilize them.


  • Identify the criteria corporations use when making financial decisions
  • Describe different ways of valuing stock
  • Explain how a market index works
  • Define the purpose, uses and limitations of a financial statement
  • Analyze the impact of taxes on firms
  • Compare different forecasting techniques and analyse forecasting
  • Define financial modelling and pro forma analysis

New York institute of Finance offers courses to learn analysis of financial with in depth case problems that assess current/past performance, using that to project future performance and enterprise value.


  • Define the areas in which management makes decisions
  • Identify the information contained in the three main financial statements
  • Define how profitability and rate of return on assets are calculated
  • Determine the debt and profit risk in a company using ratio analysis
  • Calculate the ratios used in long and short term risk analysis
  • Describe the use of financial statements in ratio analysis
  • Adjust for differences in reporting to put companies on a comparable basis

This Financial Analysis course will guide you through the basics of bookkeeping, the main accounting principles, and the practical applications of financial statement analysis.


  • The fundamental concepts of accounting and bookkeeping
  • The three core financial statements and their main elements
  • The process of getting from individual accounting transactions to complete financial statements
  • How to construct an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement from scratch
  • The importance of financial reporting and financial analysis

We hope that the financial analysis courses list helps you to choose the best one for you and get certified at your place.

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