7 simple Errors That You Make Lose Customers


Simple Errors That Make You Lose Customers

There are many things that can make you lose customers. Sometimes the reason for losing a customer is more extensive, such as quality problems or something similar. But more common is that it’s the small simple things that happen in the daily work that makes the customer leave. Here are some common reasons:

You do not focus on customer benefits

In all customer relationships it is important to deliver customer benefit. The day you forget it and just focus on doing what you are doing and nothing more, you will slowly but surely start losing your customers.

You are not available

That the customer can reach you is crucial for good relationships. The level of availability depends, of course, on several aspects, but on the day the customer feels you are not available, that day they will start looking for someone else.

You are unclear

Being unclear creates uncertainty. Uncertainty hurts relationships and ultimately makes them leave. Therefore, always be clear in all situations, especially if there are bad news or problems you are going to communicate about.

You do not hold what you promise

Promising and not living up to your promises is a way to lose your customers. The vast majority of relationships survive problems and mistakes. However, if the customer experiences that you promise more than you can deliver time and time over, then the customer will leave you. In order to keep your customers, it is always better to take the discussion straight away when needed instead of promising things you can not hold.

You are impersonal

All relationships are between people, never between companies. Good relationships require you to be more than professional, it requires you to be personal. Of course, the level varies depending on the customer and the extent to which you communicate. Keep in mind that you can be personal regardless of whether you are meeting them face-to-face or talking to them through a chat.

You do not resolve complaints

Failure to handle customer complaints will cause you to lose customers. Complaints in themselves are no danger. In all longer customer relationships, you will receive complaints. However, the important part is how you handle your customer complaints.

You don’t get in touch

One of the most common reasons why customers leave is that they don’t hear from you. If you have a relationship, you must have contact, with them regularly and often, because otherwise, the relationship will slowly die. Make sure they hear from you regularly.

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