Free Online Courses For Kids

20 Free Online Courses Websites For Kids That Boost Skills, Creativity, And Confidence.

Making sure that your kids get the best quality education and learn the best skills is important.However, they cannot learn everything at school. As a parent, you have to ensure quality learning and skill development at your home as well. Moreover, there is no better way to keep them engaged online to learn the fun way. We are listing 20 amazing sources that can provide your children with exciting content so that they learn while having fun.

20 Free Online Courses For Kids That Boost Skills, Creativity, And Confidence.

Hundreds of free courses for almost everything you can imagine. Self-help, confidence, and persona, speaking, acting, dancing and even playing musical instruments, all FREE. Udemy has some of the best, and highly engaging courses online taught by educational experts and consultant with years of experience.

2. E-Learning Free Courses For Kids

Is your child lacking excitement in learning math, science or any other subject that kids dread? This is your ultimate source for all. E-Learning provides super fun and exciting ways to learn even the most boring subject and most of them are FREE.

3. Pluralsight – Free Online Courses For Kids.

Computer programming can help build logic skills, increase problem-solving aptitude and learn different computer languages, but is it boring? Not at all, Pluralsight offers hundreds of small and simple to complex game building courses for children that will help your kid excitingly learn new remarkable skills.

4. Codecademy – Free Exciting Code Learning for Youngsters.

free online courses for kids

Coding for kids was never easier as it is now. Codecademy provides a rich interactive way to learn computer code. No boring stuff, children love it and adults are fascinated but it. Enrollment is free.

5. Tynker, Game Creation For Kids.

online courses for kids

If you think creating a game is complicated, Tynker just changed that. With an interactive graphical interface and colorful learning environment, your children can create games within hours! Give it a try, and your children will love it!

online english Courses For Kids

Kindergarten and up, it has lessons, exercises, tests and quizzes for everyone. Your children get a very attractive and captivating environment to learn and grow their English language skills.

7. Cyberkidz Elementary Courses For Young Children.

cyber online courses for kids

Cyberkidz is designed for elementary school children. It provides a long list of Free courses for kids that help them grow their creativity and interpersonal skills while learning subjects taught in school. Your children get a comprehensive learning environment free.

8. Hoffman Piano Academy.

piano online courses for kids

Hoffman Academy is a comprehensive learning platform for anyone who interested in understanding while learning to play. The lessons dive deep into music to teach every tone and beat in an amazing way that you even if you never wanted to play, you will have the desire to learn it right away.

9. Explore The Outer Space With Kidsastronomy.

Learning about space is always exciting. However, the way your children learn at Kidsastronomy is even more thrilling. High-quality images, fun games, rewarding quizzes and with much more to offer, your children will be Astro-wizards in no time.

10. Learn to Build with JAM.

If your kids love to build or explore, you want this website. JAM has a huge collection of building projects where your children will learn to build houses, buildings, vehicles and even machines.

11. Crazy little projects

crazy online courses for kids

Online crafting lessons , your child will learn bake, sew, create, give and love, there a lot of gift ideas and paper project, your child will learn and enjoy.

12. A jennuine life

online courses for kids

From the best online lessons for kids to learn sew, find more video tutorials and can download
The Pattern.

13. Gcflearnfree

online courses for kids

learn the essential skills they need to live and work in the 21st century. From Microsoft Office and email to reading, math, and more, by offers more than 180 topics, including more than 2,000 lessons, 800+ videos, and 55+ interactives and games, completely free.

14. Shaun sgame academy

online courses for kids

Learn & Make section of this website we’ll teach you the most important things about game design, and how to build an awesome game using Scratch.

15. Techrocket​

online courses for kids

This is an online learning destination where kids and teens learn code, game design, and graphic design, many video tutorials Will learn your kid and enjoy.

16. All free jewelry making

online courses for kids

Making jewelry is a great project for kids. Children love giving their mom’s holiday presents that are handmade. Find some great jewelry making ideas for kids to give to Mom or wear themselves.

17. Drawingcoach

online courses for kids

Teach child how to draw and improve his skill in no time with the help of an online coach. He will find the step by step education that will give your child the ability to bring those images in his mind into paper reality.

18. Zebrakeys

online courses for kids

Free Piano Lessons provides over 50 free piano lessons for various levels of difficulty. Each piano lesson is accompanied by visual flash animations that allow learners to view and hear songs as well as play along with the animations on their own piano keyboard. Learning piano with Zebra Keys is fun and easy.

19. Pianolessons4children

online courses for kids

These lessons are designed for beginner and elementary level and use music from the public, mostly well-known children’s songs. If you are a parent, you can use these lessons to both teach your child and to learn along with your child, without any prior knowledge of piano.

20. Chopchop cooking club

online courses for kids

Teach children how to cook, join the (free!) ChopChop Cooking Club and pledge to cook dinner together once a month. Each month, learning different essential cooking skills along the way. Each challenge will also come with how-tos, shopping and storage tips, fun activities, and conversation starters.