20 Best + Free Online Courses For Kids in 2023

Online courses for kids

Online Courses For Kids in 2023

There are a lot of useful skills that kids can learn to give them an edge in life. Our team of experts has done in-depth research and picked up this list of the best online courses for kids. Here are the top 20 recommendations platforms for kids:

  • Ages: 13+
  • Pricing: Free

Khan Academy offers high-quality resources and content for free online courses and practice. Kids of age 13 and above can learn anything from basic math to engineering, science, AP calculus, finance, economics, and more. Khan Academy also offers special courses for students that aren’t usually found elsewhere.

  • Ages: 8+
  • Pricing: Monthly or yearly subscription.

CodaKid is an online coding academy for kids that teaches how to create apps, games, Unity projects, Roblox games, Minecraft mods, and more with professional tools and real programming languages. CodaKid courses help kids develop real-world skills like rationalization, problem-solving, patience, and tenacity.

  • Ages: 8+
  • Pricing: Free

Blockly uses a block-based programming approach to introduce JavaScript and teaches programing principles. It is a straightforward coding site for kids who are new to coding. It focuses on preparing kids to learn traditional, text-based programming languages.

  • Ages: 4 – 14
  • Pricing: Sample coding lessons are free. Accessing the full library requires monthly subscription.

Tynker is a popular online coding and programming course designed for kids. It allows students to build their own apps and games as well as learn how to program Minecraft mods. The platform offers both text-based courses and block programming courses. Since there is no structured curriculum, students can learn and progress at their own pace.

  • Ages: 5-17
  • Pricing: Free for core levels. Monthly subscription for additional levels.

Code Combat is a coding game for kids that teaches JavaScript and Python coding using text-based programming. Kids get to play through different RPG levels and learn to code in JavaScript and Python along the way.

  • Ages: 6-17
  • Pricing: Limited free access. Monthly or yearly subscription.

BrainPOP has lots of resources for students in the form of animated movies, creative tools, assessment resources, as well as support for homework and projects. The platform offers various courses and has separate sections for Technology, Health, Math, English, Science, and more.

  • Ages: 4-11
  • Pricing: Free for the basic curriculum

Kodable uses self-directed, kid-friendly lessons to teach computer science fundamentals. Students get to create and play alongside cute, bright characters. Starting with coding games at playschool level, Kodable is an excellent way to start kids with block programming and then transition to real code.

  • Ages: 13+
  • Pricing: Monthly subscription is required for PRO track access.

Codecademy offers wide range of text-based courses on programming languages and web development. Students can choose which language they wish to learn and advance through detailed, easy-to-follow lessons. The courses at Codecademy are well-written and the website is organized very nicely.

  • Ages: 12+
  • Pricing: Monthly subscription

Code Avengers is a popular coding site for kids that uses text-based, self-paced courses. The courses include introduction to web development, introduction to coding, as well as coding in JavaScript, HTML & CSS, or Python. The platform automatically tracks the kid’s achievements as he/she works through activities and lessons.

  • Ages: 14+
  • Pricing: Monthly subscription

Pluralsight has a large selection of coding courses for new and aspiring programmers. More than 50 separate courses are divided into seven paths. Each specific path covers the basics of one coding topic or language, e.g. iOS, JavaScript, Ruby, databases, and more.

  • Ages: 5-13
  • Pricing: Free trial. Annual subscriptions.

Codemoji is an online learning platform for kids that has been developed with a strong belief that coding does not rely on typing proficiency. So, it uses images to teach coding. Students find solutions and learn to solve problems via images. The best thing about Codemoji is that it helps kids as young as 5 to develop core coding skills.

  • Ages: 8-16
  • Pricing: Free

Scratch is a free block coding site for kids. The website is an excellent way for younger kids to develop their reasoning, communication, and problem-solving skills. It doesn’t teach any real coding language, but it’s a great stepping stone to coding languages and computer programming.

  • Ages: 4-16
  • Pricing: Free access to decent amount of resources. Monthly or yearly subscription for full access.

Twinkl creates educational resources that kids can use at every step of their learning journey. The platform has more than 500 thousand teacher-created resources that offer entire schemes of assessments, lesson planning, and work. Apart from this, Twinkl also has augmented reality, online educational games, and much more.

  • Ages: 6+
  • Pricing: Annual subscriptions.

Stencyl is a game creation tool that allows users publish Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and Flash games without code. Kids can build their own characters and worlds and edit them in detail to make them more complex. Stencyl is great for kids who appreciate game design and development in detail.

  • Ages: 11+
  • Pricing: Limited free access. Tiered annual subscriptions.

Vidcode offers research-based computer science courses for kids that focus on open-ended projects. The courses teach computer science, JavaScript, web design, web programming, and object-oriented programming. It is a great platform for kids that are interested in creating videos for the web.

  • Ages: 4-14
  • Pricing: Free

Code.org provides curriculum to schools. Furthermore, it also hosts a coding website for kids that features a series of four courses that teach fundamentals of computer science. Each course is made up of a series of activities, videos, and puzzles that teach the principles behind computer science.

  • Ages: 13+
  • Pricing: Free

Code Monster offers kids a place to practice JavaScript. It is an interactive game that encourages coding and learning programming languages. From the moment you visit the website, you will be coding. The purpose of Code Monster is to offer an immersive, fun platform to practice syntax, not necessarily learn it.

  • Ages: 8-18
  • Pricing: Monthly Fee

CodeWizardsHQ is one of the leading online coding platforms for kids. Kids can start with block-based programming and progress to back-end and front-end coding languages. The projects and instructions are all web-based, so students can access CodeWizardsHQ from anywhere as long as they have a reliable internet connection.

  • Ages: 13+
  • Pricing: Limited free courses. Annual subscription.

Coursera includes courses from many top universities, trusts, and museums. It is a powerful tool for online education for kids above 13. The site has an extremely wide range of detailed courses and if you are looking to study various topics or want courses from different groups and schools, Coursera is a recommended choice.

  • Ages: 13+
  • Pricing: One-time fee for any course.

Udemy also offers free courses like Coursera. However, in addition to this, it also allows students to build their own custom courses from lessons. Working with many top schools and professors, Udemy is a great online learning platform that focuses on providing top-quality content.

As you can see, there are several options if you are looking for quality online courses for kids. You can choose which one to start with based on your kid’s interests and age. From there, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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