Top 20 Online Courses For Kids [ 2020 ]

Top 20 Online Courses for Kids [2020]

Our team experts have done in depth research and picked up this list of best online courses for kids paid and free courses taught by top experts to teach your kids how to code.


Part of the eTeacherGroup, Tekkie Uni is one of the best online learning sites for kids. The site makes remote learning easier and fun with years of experience from the staff. Some of its top features include project-based learning, teacher-led classes, and encouraging teamwork.



DIY is another top online learning site for kids that is designed to teach kids via visual aids. The video library of DIY is enormous and there are plenty of subjects to choose from. 


Tynker offers several self-paced online coding courses for kids to help them learn coding at home. The site is designed to help kids learn coding the fun way as it teaches coding via visual code blocks, representing real programming concepts. HTML, JavaScript, Python, and Swift are some of the languages your kids can learn on this site.


Kodable makes learning fun via online courses and helpful videos. The courses and lessons provided by Kodable cover everything from problem-solving to JavaScript. You can also keep track of your kid’s progress on this website.


Code Avengers offers a fun and effective way of code learning for kids. The courses are divided in Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced sections and are suitable for children of all age groups.



Codemoji is an adaptive platform that provides various online code learning courses for students of 1-8 grade. The courses focus on the basics of coding and web development, including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


Udemy offers a total of 8 lectures for kids that focus on improving coding skills. The coding lectures are designed for elementary school children.


e-learning for kids promises quality free and fun digital education online for all children worldwide via comprehensive lessons that are designed specifically for children to help them improve their coding fundamentals.



Codecademy’s coding lessons for kids include everything from HTML to JavaScript to Python and SQL. The site also offers free courses that are designed to teach your kid one new skill in coding every day.


This site offers online private lessons for kids to teach them anything from coding to development to designing and more. All lessons are customizable and you can customize them to fit your schedule.


This site solely focuses on HTML lessons that are tailored for kids. Learning the basics of HTML is the first step to becoming a web developer and this site is a great place to get started.


Sylvan Learning offers innovative coding courses that are designed for elementary and middle-schoolers. Coding here is taught via exciting and interactive projects.


CoderDojo is a great place for kids to understand and learn programming languages in a relaxed and fun way. The site features over 200 ready-made coding projects available in their Dojo sessions.


FunTech offers various coding courses that are specifically designed for summer camps. Their courses are suitable for kids of all age groups and include everything from Java coding to Game Design, to 3D modeling and more.


Code Club is a network of thousands of code learning clubs across the UK. Their goal is to teach children the fundamentals of coding and programming languages through their more than 75 projects.


First Code Academy offers customizable coding courses that are designed for kids of age 8-18. The site is quite popular in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and their coding classes including holiday coding camps, weekly coding courses, and STEM workshops.


CodaKid aims to teach kids the fundamentals of programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, etc. using popular tools that are used in companies like Intel, Facebook, and Google.


CodeCombat teaches programming with the help of gaming. Their courses are ideal for kids as games encourage trail-and-error, interaction, and discovery. CodeCombat’s courses will help your kid excel in his/her computer science class.


SimplySTEM is designed to turn your kid’s interest into coding and real-world programming skills that last a lifetime. Their coding instruction curriculum is customized for kids of all age groups.


At KidsCanCode kids learn how to create amazing projects of their own. Imagine building their own website and creating a video game. Classes are available for a variety of ages and experience levels



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