6 Essential Facebook Ads Courses Will Grow your Business

Facebook Advertising Courses

Best Facebook Advertising Courses That Grow your Business

Facebook has been a superstar in the digital marketing world, every year there are 200% more people tabbing to this area according to Facebook. Once you master it, it will become a cash machine, These Facebook Advertising Courses will show you three fundamental traffic strategies you can use to bring more people to buy your product and service.


1- Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2017

This course will learn you how to Use Facebook marketing to excel your business! Take this top rated course to optimize your Facebook ads today, learn Facebook Marketing from beginner level to advanced!

You will be able to optimize your Facebook ads for increased conversions and decreased costs. create and make use of EVERY type of Facebook ad.  grow your Facebook page likes and post engagement and find new customers that will drive your brand to new heights via social marketing.
Learn how to make:

• Mass post quickly to various social media networks
• Market on Facebook Advertising with ease
• Connect with new audiences and lower ad costs via Facebook Ads
• Track Facebook ad conversions
• Use advanced features of Facebook advertising
• Average $0.01 per engagement/like/click with my Facebook ad strategies

Rating:  4.6 out of 5

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2- The Complete Facebook Ads Course 2017 – Beginner to Advanced

This complete course will take you step by step from creating your first ad to running advanced campaigns. No experience or Facebook audience required. We’ll cover strategies to grow from the ground up and you only need a budget of $5 to start advertising!
You’ll learn how to:

• Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners a fortune
• Set up your first campaign A-Z
• Create a Facebook Sales Funnel
• Include discount coupons with Offer Ads
• Find out what ads perform best with Split Tests
• Advertise on Instagram
• Generate leads in two taps with Lead Ads

Rating:  4.7 out of 5

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3- Facebook Advertising: 2017 Facebook Ads Certification Course

This course will Get Facebook Ads certified in less than 3 hours ! Learn everything you need to use Facebook Advertising, With this course, you’ll discover remarkable strategies for leveraging Facebook advertising. You’ll be able to understand the fundamentals of the Facebook Ads ecosystem and launch effective campaigns using the full suite of Facebook advertising features.
You’ll Learn how to:

• Develop the full range of skills to launch and manage Facebook Ads like a Pro
• Target specific Facebook users using demographics, interests, and geography
• Use advanced features of Facebook Advertising like lead ads and app install ads
• Employ pixel and event tracking with your Facebook Ads for website and mobile app retargeting
• Create custom and lookalike audiences for Facebook using external data

Rating:  4.7 out of 5

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4- The Complete Facebook Ads & Marketing Course 2017

The #1 Guide to Facebook Advertising & Marketing in 2017 – Join 50,000+ students who are selling with Ads right now, learn the most effective ways to grow your business in 2017 with Facebook Ads and Facebook’s most effective Marketing tools, this is the most popular, up-to-date, and comprehensive Facebook Marketing Course on Udemy, with 11.5 hours and 122 lectures that will enable you to go from being a Beginner to an Advanced Facebook Marketer.
This course will learn you how to :

• A complete system to advertise anything successfully on Facebook by using Facebook’s Marketing and Ad functions to boost posts effectively, promote your page and gain sales at a low cost
• Strategies for making a profit with Facebook ads using the formula I am now using to sell my Udemy courses
• The 80/20 principle explained as it relates to Facebook ads
• The complete method of how I am getting $0.004 Per Page Like To Grow Your Facebook Page Virally
• Insights into how you can get guaranteed wins from your Facebook Ads.

Rating:  4.2 out of 5

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5- Ultimate Facebook Ads Course: Build A Viral Facebook Page!

The Ultimate Facebook Page Growth Course 2016, Get Facebook Likes for $0.004 & Facebook Views for $0.0003 each with Ads!
With this course you can start building Social Proof and an Audience on your Facebook Page, You will need to pay for Facebook Ads, but you can spend as little as $1 a day build your Facebook page to build social proof for the professional brand.
This course will lean you how to:

• Boost The Social Proof of Your Professional Brand or Business Page at an extremely LOW cost!
• Achieve Real Likes For Your Facebook Page for just $0.004.
• Achieve Video Views on Your Facebook Page Posts for just 0.0003c. This is 30 cents per 1,000 views!
• Identify the lowest cost countries so that you can scale up your Facebook Ad campaigns.

Rating:  4.4 out of 5

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6- Facebook Marketing course ads advertising free page traffic

In this course, Facebook traffic & conversions expert Nick Tsai unveils how he has consistently been using Facebook to drive traffic from Facebook, and turn that traffic into dozens of high-ticket commissions every single day. This course is for anyone who is new to digital marketing and helps you makes more sales on Facebook, this course made it easy to digest and understand.
Learn to:

• promote their own products and services via Facebook
• Know how to promote their own product and service using facebook Group without being spammy
• build a high quality fanpage
• Run Facebook ad and optimize it
• Drive both free and paid traffic to their product and service


Rating: 5 out of 5

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