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Charity and Fundraising

Anyone who feels passionate about a specific cause, and want to put their ideas into action
People who have previously enjoyed volunteering and want to make a bigger impact
Anyone who feels frustrated that an issue isn’t getting enough attention or funding
Those who feel compassion towards others and feel fulfilled when they can help
People who want to gain valuable business and management experience
DIY personalities who love to start something of their own

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Whether you’re passionate about education, animal rights, or cleaning up the environment, starting your own charity or nonprofit organization is the perfect way to have direct impact on an important cause. Creating a nonprofit, whether big or small, will allow you to control fund allocation, turn your ideas into reality, and inspire change and growth. You’ll also:

encourage involvement
spread awareness in your community
gain valuable business experience
and create the positive changes you want to see in the world.

In this course, we’ll walk you through all the steps of creating your own charity or nonprofit, from conception through execution.
Good intentions are the starting point, but you’ll need to rely on business savvy and long-term planning for your charity to enjoy meaningful, longstanding success.

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