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Save 10% on Penn’s Computer Science Essentials for Software Development Program
Learn essential computer science concepts in order to design efficient high quality software What You'll Learn: How to design, develop, and ...
21% off –  on Microsoft Introduction to Computer Science program + Bonus MTA Exam @edX!
This Professional Certificate will start you at the absolute beginning teaching the fundamental binary language of modern computers. What You'll ...
Get 10% off Business Fundamentals from the University Of British Columbia
Learn about the key aspects of business, from finance to marketing, to advance or start your career in the business world. What You'll Learn: ...
Save 10% on Harvard’s Data Science Program
Learn the skills necessary to be a data scientist. This program consists of 8 courses to help you gain in-depth knowledge of fundamental data science ...
Save 10% on MIT’s Statistics and Data Science Program
From probablity and statistics to data analysis and machine learning, master the skills needed to solve complex challenges with data. What You'll ...
Save 10% off on the Blockchain Fundamentals from Berkeley
Harness the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Develop the skills to future-proof your career. What You'll Learn: Synthesize your own ...
Save 10% on Columbia’s Business Analytics Program
Learn how to harness the power of analytics to make better business decisions and advance your career. What You'll Learn: Apply methods, tools, ...