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The better we understand our pets, the better our relationships with them. How dogs, cats, and rabbits experience the world is quite different from humans. By delving into the psychology behind their behavior, reactions and natural instincts you can ensure both your environment and your pet’s is harmonious and happy. It helps you relate to each other with complete understanding and have a bond that’s full of warmth and joy.
Learning what’s normal and what’s behind unusual or undesirable behavior really helps to get to grips with it. In this course, you’ll also discover how to treat habits and reactions that are not good for your pet or for you, like:

How to choose and locate a litter tray your kitty is happy to use.
What to do if your dog growls to guard his food bowl.
Recognizing boredom and what you can do to help
How to stop a dog jumping up on people
Reducing separation anxiety in pets
Tricks to reduce a fearful, habitual reaction to stimuli

Would you like to train your pet not to …

Mark his territory?
Chew furniture?
Knock over children?
Frighten the postman?

Once you understand what’s normal for an animal and why pets behave as they do, you’ll find it easier to find a solution. It is possible to resolve or vastly reduce the most disruptive behavior. Don’t waste another day with an unhappy pet situation start this course today and get back to that warm, fuzzy in-love-with-my-pet feeling.
We love our pets!

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