Accredited Level 2 Diploma in Business Studies

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Accredited Level 2 Diploma in Business Studies
Accredited Level 2 Diploma in Business Studies



The Accredited Level 2 Business Studies Diploma course introduces students to new ideas and concepts within business while continuing to use and reinforce previously learned concepts and skills from the world in general. The course is designed to give students a sound understanding of business and the ability to use knowledge, skills and understanding appropriately in the context of international markets and the United Kingdom (UK).

This course can be used in preparation for progressing to higher level study in relevant business subjects (for example Accredited Level 3 Diplomas) or as a vehicle for career development or to fulfil entry requirements to education courses.

This course assists students to achieve the knowledge, skills and understanding to apply their learning to real business examples, be aware of current issues which affect businesses, focus on current business practice, understand the importance of seeing business issues and situations through different perspectives.

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You can enrol on the course at any time.

Awarding Body

CIE Global

Course Content

Unit 1: Personnel and Finance

Module 1 – Business Activity and the Changing Environment

Module 2 – Human Resources (Personnel)

Module 3 – Accounting and Finance


Unit 2: Promotion and Production

Module 4 – Marketing

Module 5 – Production

Additional information

Specification: Accredited Level 2 Diploma in Business Studies

Available Options:

Paper & PDF (+£100.00), Paper (+£75.00), PDF (+£25.00), Online

Entry Requirements

Basic English reading and writing skills, as full tutor support is given.
All students must be 16 years of age or above.

Study Hours

Approximately 160 hours.

Course Duration

1 Year.

Assessment Method

Two tutor marked assignments; one assignment after each unit.

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