The 6 Best SAT Prep Courses Reviewed in 2023

Are you searching for the best SAT prep course online?
Then you’re in the right place, our team expert has compiled this list for the best SAT prep to get The SAT Score you want. Our review is based on materials, students’ reviews, pass rates,s and prices.

best sat prep course
best sat prep courses

Top SAT Prep Courses For 2023

Find below the best SAT prep courses compiled by our team expert.

They’ve developed one of the best online experiences in the industry. Kaplan SAT test prep is taught by test experts who keep you accountable and engaged the whole way through.

Kaplan’s test experts know how to engage a classroom and teach key strategies that boost scores. There are prep options for every student, at any level. They help you find what fits and go from there.

You‘ll Learn through key strategies like answer elimination and passage mapping. A conversational approach to teaching brings SAT concepts and strategies into the real world. Their short videos include animation, written notes and equations, motion graphics, and music. Also, with Kaplan you can get unlimited prep for the ACT®, SAT®, AP®, and PSAT®.

kaplan sat test prep

Course Options:

  • On-Demand Course – $199

 A flexible, 30 minutes a day
Over 50 instructional videos on test content.
1,000+ practice questions
Quizzes throughout each lesson

  • Live Online – $699

18 hours of live instruction
15+ hours of additional video content
8 practice tests—including 4 Official College Board exams.
Qbank with 1,000+ testlike questions
Set of 4 physical SAT prep books

  • In Person

18 hours of live instruction
16 hours of unique video content via the SAT channel
8 practice tests—including 4 official college board exams.
Qbank with 1,000+ testlike questions
Set of 4 SAT prep books

Magoosh SAT prep will teach you everything you need to know about the SAT, and their instructors go in-depth on topics you may not have fully covered in your classes.
Their practice questions are carefully written and edited to give you the most accurate practice possible.
Each practice question has its own video explanation which covers the vital concepts, shortcuts, and pitfalls. If you don’t understand something, our tutors will explain it to you quickly and clearly.
It’s 100% online. It works on both Macs and PCs: any device with an internet connection.
They include a list of recommended materials and weekly/daily checklists of tasks you need to complete to keep you motivated and on track.
They guarantee after completing our premium program, you’ll see a 100-point increase over your old scores, or we’ll give you all of your money back
Premium plans include an online diagnostic test to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses. The diagnostic test takes about 60 to 75 minutes to complete.

magoosh sat test prep

Course Options:

  • Self-Paced (Premium) – $129

Over 1,750 practice questions
Video and/or text explanations for every question
Up to 3 practice tests
Over 200 video lessons
Study schedules
+100-point guarantee
+7-Day money-back guarantee

  • Premium + Live Classes – $399

12 Month access to SAT Prep premium
Engaging classes led by a 99th percentile SAT instructor.
16 hours of live instruction
+100-point guarantee

With Testive you can master every section of the SAT with the help of their engaging, expert tutors. Get the SAT tests skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary to succeed in college and is an important part of college applications.

SAT Prep in Testive is offered by one-on-one private tutoring, in-home or online. Their engaging and highly trained tutors can help your student achieve their best possible score by providing targeted content instruction, detailed explanations to practice questions, test-taking strategies, and plenty of motivation!

Programs include homework, practice tests, and regular meetings with your tutor.
The test must be taken on a desktop or laptop computer. Scores are available immediately upon completion.

testive test prep

Course Options:

  • Self-Paced Study – $99/monthly

The most cost-effective way to prep
Best for students who are looking to prep independently

  • Guided Study – $499/monthly

The most efficient way to prep
Best for busy, highly motivated students who prefer self-study but need a little help

  • Custom Tutoring – $250/hourly

The most supported way to prep
Ideal for students who need deep content review as well as an emphasis on strategy and test IQ
The most flexible way to prep

  • Tutoring/Advising Flex Packages

Best for goal-focused, highly motivated students applying to competitive colleges and universities.

Princeton guarantees a score of 1400+ on the SAT or adds 150 points depending on your starting score or your money back.
With Princeton, you’ll get proven test-taking strategies and personalized online tools will help you achieve a higher score.
They look for proven expertise and a sense of humor, and that’s before we put them through 37 hours of training.
Once you purchase a course with course materials, materials will be shipped via UPS and will generally arrive within 7-10 days before the start of your course with Standard Ground shipping.
There’re three options for applying, SAT 1400+ Course, SAT 1400+ Tutoring, and essentials course.

princeton test prep

Course Options:

  • SAT ® 1400+ Course – $299

Score a 1400+ on the SAT or add 150 points depending on your starting score.
Guaranteed, or your money back.
Full Product Details
36+ hours of classroom instruction
Customized homework assignments
4 scheduled practice tests (auto-proctor available)
22 additional practice tests
8 single-section tests
24/7 On-demand tutoring

  • SAT® 1500+ Tutoring – $6,950

Rigorous tutoring designed for students aiming for a top 2% score.
Score a 1500+ on the SAT or improve your score by 150 points
(based on your super score after 2 tests) or get your money back (full or 50%).
18 hours of customized tutoring
Match to an SAT 1500+ Tutor
25+ full-length and 8 single-section practice tests
2,000+ practice questions and 240+ online drills
135+ expert-created interactive video lessons
Unlimited SAT Advantage sessions
365 days access to online practice tools and resources
Textbooks for the tutoring program include The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide
On-demand ACT Prep includes 100+ interactive video lessons

  • SAT® Essentials – $299

18 hours of focused classroom time
Unlimited access to SAT Advantage Live Online sessions
135+ expert-created video lessons for the SAT
3 scheduled practice tests (auto-proctor available)
23 additional full-length and 8 single-section practice tests

PrepScholar is an affordable online SAT prep course. It’s the only online program scientifically designed to understand student strengths and weaknesses and customize exactly to your abilities.
The Only 160+ Point Guarantee, If you don’t get at least a 160 point improvement on your next SAT, you get your money back.
This customized program draws from a collection of more than 100 hours of lessons and 7100+ realistic practice questions. This high quality content created by top instructors ensures that you’re always getting fresh, extensive practice for the real SAT.
Their SAT product covers all three SAT subsections (Reading, Writing and Language, and Math), plus the essay. Also, include ten official SATs to test your skills.
This program gives students problems geared toward their level, so they never feel like studying is overwhelming.
You’ll take it from beginning to end in the SAT prep process. No need to buy other books, attend other classes, or hire outside tutors.

prepscholar test prep

Course Options:

  • Complete SAT Online Prep $397

1 year access, no hour limitations!
210+ hours of content
7100+ total practice questions
700+ problem-solving videos
98 skill lessons with strategy videos
49 fine-grained skills to master
10 Real Practice Tests

  • PrepScholar Classes $895

Everything in the Complete Prep package, plus expert-led classes in our innovative online classroom.
Learn with other motivated students.
Attend classes developed and delivered by experts.
Work with top teachers in small groups.
Stay focused and on track.
Get answers to all your questions, and a top score!

  • Complete + Tutoring $995+

Everything in the Complete Prep package, plus hours of tutoring with one of our SAT experts to maximize your gain:
Double your point improvement!
Drill down on your exact mistakes.
Get personalized teaching on tough topics.
Motivate your student even more.
Invest in the best SAT score possible.

In Peterson’s, you’ll get unlimited access to Peterson’s test prep and take your SAT exam with confidence.
Get 9 full-length SAT practice tests, with the same number of practice questions and timed sections as the exam you will take on test day.
Review six subsections of math used to identify your strengths and weaknesses in these areas: arithmetic, advanced arithmetic, functions, algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.
Evidence-based reading strategies to master the reading, writing, and language portions of the SAT.
Discover hundreds of verbal and math flashcards to reinforce vocabulary words, grammar rules, and math concepts.
Get Practice passages and accompanying questions with tips, strategies, and explanations of all possible answers to help you master your understanding of all content areas of the exam.
You also get access to our full Test Prep library, including practice tests and online courses for AP Subject Tests, ACT, PSAT, and more.

petersons test prep

Course Options:

  • 1 Month Subscription $49 /mo

Personalized Onboarding

  • 3 Month Subscription $45 /mo

90 Minutes Live Online Tutoring
Essay Review
Personalized Onboarding

  • 90 Minutes Live Online Tutoring $39 /mo

6 Month Subscription
270 Minutes of Live Online Tutoring
Essay Review
Personalized Onboarding

We hope this Best SAT prep courses list helps you choose the best one for you.

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