9 Best Nutrition Courses Online For [ 2022 ]

best nutrition courses

If you’re interested in starting a private practice as a nutritionist and want to know how to manage and grow your business as a nutrition professional. These nutrition courses will give you opportunities for Nutrition businesses and then take you step by step through what you need to do in order to get that business up and running.

9 Best Nutrition Courses Online Fully Accredited [ 2022 ]

1- Child Nutrition Diploma Course

This course provides tools to parents and those who want to make a profession out of child nutritional consulting, which will help you to understand early years nutrition and how to adopt healthy eating habits and diets.
goes on to explain what it is to be an expert or consultant in child nutrition and the different ways to work in this field.

About The Course:

  • learn about the nutritional requirements of babies and children of all ages
  • You will be made aware of the nutritional requirements and proportions set by the UK government
  • The course looks at vegetarian and vegan diets
  • You’ll learn about the difference between macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients
  • Learn about food allergies and other food-related issues in children
  • Guides you through each stage of a child’s life

2- Alkaline Nutritionist Diploma Course

 The Alkaline Nutritionist course is a lifestyle which you have to be committed to see the benefits. It requires effort to achieve your health goals, whether they be weight loss or healing the body, and the results can transform your life.
As an Alkaline Nutritionist, this course will expand your knowledge base and skill set, enabling you to offer more focused nutrition and weight management sessions and advice to your clients. For this course to really work for you, you have to have made the choice to do whatever it takes.

About The Course:

  • You will learn about pH and how different foods affect the body
  • Discover how the body deals with acidic foods
  • Learn about juicing and how this can be a very effective way to rebalance the pH
  • Discover about which foods can cause sensitivities and which to eliminate from diets
  • You will be able to diagnose illnesses and advise clients on how to eliminate certain foods

3- Chinese Nutritional Therapy Diploma Course

This Nutrition course takes students through being able to recognize causes of disease, diagnostic methods of Chinese medicine, and then onto how to treat specific ailments through planned diet and nutrition, as well as how to eat for the seasons and your surrounding environment.

About The Course

  • This course uses the concepts of Yin-Yang, Qi, Meridians
  • Learn various conditions can be described through the balance of QI
  • How the five elements are associated with body’s organs, seasons and excesses
  • Takes students through being able to recognize causes of disease, diagnostic methods of Chinese medicine
    and then onto how to treat specific ailments through planned diet and nutrition

4- Mindful Nutrition Diploma

Whether you have been yo-yo dieting for most of your life, are interested in learning about clean eating or want to help others to get off the dieting bandwagon, Mindful Nutrition is the course for you. There is an overwhelming link between our minds, our bodies and the food in which we eat. Yet without education and stillness of thought we barely recognize the connection.

About The Course

  • There are a number of exercises within the course that are entirely personal to you.
  • Designed to reform your thinking patterns, on a subconscious basis
  • Discover overwhelming link between our minds, our bodies and the food in which we eat

5- Paleo Nutritionist Diploma Course

When you have completed our Paleo Nutritionist Diploma Course, you will be sufficiently qualified to start and run your own private practice as a Paleo Nutritionist or a Paleo Diet and Nutritional Advisor.
The Paleo diet, as many people would argue, is probably the best and maybe even the only dietary approach that complements the human body.

About The Course:

  • The Paleo diet attempts to emulate and promote natural eating habits
  • It is an attempt to eat like our ancestors did

6- Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritionist Diploma Course

The Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritionist Diploma Course is packed full of information about nutrition and how you can use this knowledge to help clients reach their specific goals. Follow this course and you’ll learn how to assess clients and create individual, tailored treatment plans that provide real results.

About The Course:

  • This course Talking through various types of diet
  • Provide you with information on how they can improve health and increase protection from disease
  • The course also addresses the myths and concerns surrounding vegetarian and vegan diets
  • You’ll be taken through the different food groups, nutrients, superfoods, vitamins and minerals

7- Raw Food Nutritionist Diploma Course

This powerful and potentially life-changing course will teach you everything you need to know about harnessing the power of raw foods to improve your overall health. This Nutritionist Diploma Course will show you how you can supercharge your health whilst eating delicious nutritious food.

About The Course:

  • Guides you through what raw food is
  • How it benefits the body and how to incorporate a raw food diet into your daily life
  • How you can use your new found knowledge to help others whilst working as a raw food nutritionist
  • How to work with clients to give the best recommendations for them to improve their health and wellbeing

8- Sports Nutrition Business Diploma Course

The central purpose of the Sports Nutrition Business course is to give you all the knowledge that you will require in not one but two fields: a detailed knowledge and understanding of sports nutrition, and the expertise required to create a successful sports nutrition business.

About The Course:

  • Explains the ins and outs of running a business in general
  • This course has been designed to equip you with the tools you will need to realise your ambition
  • Will learn how to  communicate with your clients before explaining how to select the correct supplements
  • How to build your business covering everything from creating business cards to gaining endorsements and even producing and marketing your own line of supplements.

9- Eating Psychology Coach Diploma Course

The Eating Psychology Coach Course is an all-encompassing knowledge base for those who wish to learn about, and aid others to understand, their relationship with food and the psychology of eating. You will learn solid, effective coaching skills that will make a difference to your clients by getting to the heart of the challenges and nutritional concerns.

About The Course:

  • Aiding the student in their understanding of the psychology of eating and applying it in their own lives
  • You will go on a journey of self-understanding; getting to grips with the intricacies of nutrition
  • You will have a much more balanced relationship with food and a healthier body and mind as a result of this
  • Will be given the tools, techniques, protocols and strategies to enable you to become an effective practitioner

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