9 Online Courses to a More Awesome You

Self development isn’t just about gaining more knowledge. The beauty of self development is that it has a knock-on effect in just about every area of your life  – from gaining more insight into yourself and improving self-esteem and self confidence, to setting you on the path to living the life you want to live.

Here are 9 ALISON courses that will enlighten, educate and inform you to a more awesome you 12 months down the road…

1. Achieving Personal Success

According to Tom Kelley, author of best-selling books on creativity, achieving personal success is all about implementing good, healthy mental habits. We all want success, so here’s how with this free online course Achieving Personal Success.

2. Time Management

In this time-poor age, managing the time you have for maximum effectiveness is the smart way to go. It might all sound a bit methodical and lacking in fun, but scheduling in time for fun is part of the plan! Here’s ALISON’s  Time Management course.

3. Psychology

Knowing and understanding why we or others do what we do makes for a more interesting and engaged life. Get to grips with the ins and outs of human behavior with the ALISON Diploma  in Psychology.

4. Yoga

Yoga is known to be one of the most effective exercises at working on both the body and mind to achieve that equilibrium we all yearn for for a happier, more balanced life. Start this wonderfully relaxing and enriching ancient exercise from your sitting room today with this free course in Yoga Exercises.

5. Health Studies

It’s only when you’ve been sick that you realize just how much your health means to you. Without it, life shrinks in an instant. Learn not to take your health for granted with ALISON’s Diploma in Health Studies, which delves into the effects of food and environment on our health, and offers suggestions on how to give your health a boost.

6. Business Communication Skills

Learning good communications skills is essential to leading a successful personal and professional life. Learn how to communicate effectively and smartly with colleagues and clients, and to have a positive impact with the Business Communication skills course.

7. Planning Your Career Path

Have you wanted to move on professionally for a long time, but have lacked the know how or confidence to do so? Planning Your Career Path with ALISON’s free online course will shows you the more likely way for you to get to where you want to be by planning it out.

8. Study Skills

Multitasking is fine for certain tasks that don’t require concentration and dedication to the subject, but successful studying is its very own unique skill. Learn how to study with skill with this ALISON Study Skills course.

9. Great Artists and their Works

Indulge your creative side and learn all about the great artists and their work. Not in any way practical, unless you’re an art student, but a great way to expand your knowledge base.


Possibly most importantly, choose a course that’s purely because you love the subject, be it music, languages, literature.


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