Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3



Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3 

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3 Diploma , Teaching support staff in schools falls under several titles including Classroom Assistant, Special Needs Assistant,
Learning Support Assistant, School Assistant, and Individual Support Assistant.  within each ‘title’ The roles carry slightly different responsibilities and work but all these roles require similar underpinning knowledge, understanding and training.



  • This course aims to deliver the knowledge to facilitate those working in or seeking to work in a classroom setting alongside teachers. Skills needed to support competency and expertise needed to work with children in a classroom are shared.



Module 1: Introduction and ICT (Information, Communication and Technology)

Module 2: Supporting learning activities

Module 3: Understanding Child Development

Module 4: Child Safety and Protection

Module 5: Understanding relationships

Module 6: Literacy and numeracy activities

Module 7: Supporting learning through play

Module 8: Supporting performance and assessment activities

Module 9: Supporting special educational needs

Module 10: Supporting learners in special environments (for example therapy, tests and examinations)



The course has TWO Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA); which are graded: Pass or Fail. The grading procedure if Pass or Fail. Your grade will depend upon if the criteria set ha been met and the decision of your tutor. If you Fail an assessment you have the opportunity to amend where your tutor has highlighted and resubmit.



Through assessment you will cover certain criteria such as:


  • Theoretical Knowledge/ Understanding
  • Practical Implications
  • Integration of Theory and Practice.


Study Hours (Per Unit)

Approximately: 20 hours personal study time per unit



The whole course MUST be completed and both assignments graded PASS to gain the “Oxford Learning College Level Three Diploma in Support Teaching”


Entry Requirement/Progression

This course requires that potential students have gained GCSE/IGCSE or equivalent qualifications and have, good English oral, reading and writing skills.


Course Fee

£850.00   Fees can be paid by instalments.


Diploma in Support Teaching








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