BTEC (HND) in Animal Studies

BTEC (HND) in Animal Studies

About the Course:

BTEC (HND) in Animal Studies

Unit 1: Using ICT in animal studies

Information, communication and technology (ICT) comprises core skills for learning. In this distance learning course utilisation of methods, tools and strategies of ICT is important in order to establish and maintain a sound working relationship with tutors and the college. Students will need to develop ICT skills in order to communicate effectively and maximize their study progression.

Unit 2: Taxonomy and classification of the animal kingdomBTEC (HND) in Animal Studies

Unit 3: The biology of mammals

Unit 4: Basic genetic principles of mammals

Unit 5: Equine anatomy and physiology

Unit 6: Equine inheritance processes

Unit 7: Equine health, disease and nutrition

Unit 8: Equine behavior and training

Unit 9: Feline anatomy and physiology

Unit 10: Feline inheritance processes

Unit 11: Feline health, disease and nutrition

Unit 12: Feline behaviour

Unit 13: Canine anatomy and physiology

Unit 14: Canine inheritance processes

Unit 15: Canine health, disease and nutrition

Unit 16: Canine behavior and working with dogs


About the Provider

Oxford Learning is a registered educational institution and is an independent, self-financing organisation. Oxford Learning has developed quality, flexible and open distance learning materials for adults and continues to invest in the development of innovative learning systems, from first levels to degree and professional training programmes. Oxford Learning works in conjunction with other institutions to bring the student the most comprehensive learning materials in order to support the student in fulfilling their academic aims.oxford college courses Oxford Learning offers the student a flexible approach to learning which makes education possible for those who may otherwise not be able to complete a programme due to geographical restrictions and work or home-life commitments.

Entry Requirements

All students must be 17 years of age and above. Students should have completed a Level 3 Diploma or A level standard course (or equivalent) before the Level 5 qualification.

Study Hours

Approximately 60 hours per unit


Course Fee


Payment by Installments

Students are able to pay course fees in monthly installments.



Level 4+5 Accredited Diploma in Animal Studies

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