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336 Free Online Math Lessons For Kids With Quality Online Learning

complete Mathworld Curriculum consists of 336 e-lessons in English based on the International baccalaureate standards and 25 Math e-lessons on specific topics.

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218 Free Online science Lessons For Kids

complete ScienceWorld curriculum Our Scienceworld curriculum consists of 213 Free Online science Lessons , recognize the lessons by the sea or city names .

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5 Free Online Environmental Skills lessons for kids

Our Environmental Skills Curriculum consists of 5 Free Online Environmental Skills lessons in English. Support the development of our free digital lessons.

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13 Free Online Computer Skills lessons for kids

Computer Skills curriculum consists of 13 Free Online Computer Skills lessons For Kids Keyboarding Skills , Microsoft Office , Microsoft Windows and More.

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38 Free Online Health Lessons For kids

Our Health Curriculum consists of 38 Free Online Health Lessons For kids ,free digital lessons on Brain , Blood , Digestive System and More..

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25 Free Online Language Arts lessons for kids

Our Language Arts Curriculum consist of 25 e-lessons in English, Learning Letters, Printed Books, Word Recognition , Pronouns, Pronouns and More..

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15 Free online Life Skills courses for kids

Our Life Skills Curriculum consist of 15 e-lessons in English Choosing the Right Career , Bullying, Communication, Depression and More

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9 Free Online Coding Courses For Kids

Learning kids amazing things they can do with a web browser to program from scratch ,Basic html , how to program for games , lean games with hopscotch ..

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23 Free Coding for Kids From Scratch

Make an Interactive Website by learn coding for kids , Join over 25 million learners from around the globe , Find How can coding help your kids..

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Amazing Free Astronomy for kids Will Travel to the Depth of The Universe

Travel to the Depth of The Universe and Learn about deep Space, Learn about the moon , planets , asteroids ,comets , Become an amateur astronomer..

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Free coding for kids – learn to program and built games and Apps

Creative computing platform where millions of kids learn free coding to program and built games, apps and more. self-paced online courses to learn at home.

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Effective English Courses For Kids

Effective English Courses For Kids We offer several ESL/EFL E-books that are hot on most ESL/EFL/English educators’ lists.

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149 Free online Lessons for kids – List of Free Lessons

List of free online lessons for kids on creative, math, Science , Geography , Literacy for elementary and middle schools (Preschool, Kindergarten, Grades1-6

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130 Free Online Piano Lessons Will Make your Child a Complete Musician

Designed with the absolute beginner in mind, Mr. Hoffman’s lessons teach you not just how to play, but how to read, understand, and create music.

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