Diploma in Business Studies Applications

Diploma in Business Studies Applications

Level 5 Accredited Diploma in Business Studies Applications

Qualification : Level 5 Accredited Diploma in: Business Studies

Study Hours : (150) hours 

Payment by Installments : can be paid by installments

Price : £3,500.00




This Course  is ideal for those seeking to enhance their employment prospects,
or for further study at undergraduate degree level.
Can equip you with the knowledge and skills required to progress further in
your current career or even develop your own business start-up.



Course Content

Unit 1: Using information, communication and technology ICT in the study of Business

1 – Applications of ICT in Business Studies Applications

2 – e Portfolio constructs

3 Independent web based research

4 Principles of self-assessment and reflective writing


Unit 2: Financial planning in business

1 Cost and profit

2 Break even analysis

3 Cash flow forecasting

4 Budgeting

Unit 3: Structure, risk and enterprise

1 Enterprise

2 Variance analysis

3 Trading processes

4 Organizational structure

Unit 4: Job analysis and operational management

1 Job analysis

2 Operational targets

3 Quality measurements

4 Quality systems


Unit 5: Marketing and the competitive environment

1 Principles of marketing

2 Promotion

3 Product placement

4 Competitive processes


Unit 6: The economy and business

1 Principles of economic growth

2 The role of government

3 Technical developments

4 The role of competition


Unit 7: Understanding the layers in business administration

1 Business personnel

2 Skills requirements

3 Leadership

4 Future roles and responsibilities


Unit 8: Leadership: developing visionary concepts

Unit 9: Business consultancy

Unit 10: The project management perspective

Unit 11: Resource management

Unit 12: Research and writing for business

Unit 13: Human resource applications

Unit 14: Employment contracts

Unit 15: Managing conflicts and motivation in business applications



All students must be 17 years of age and above. Students should
have completed a Level 3 Diploma or an A level standard course
(or equivalent) before the Level 5 qualification.



Level 4+5 Accredited Diploma in Business Studies Applications