Installment plan


Installment Plan

Students are able to pay course fees via 6 x monthly instalments for IGCSE, A levels, Level 1, 2 and 3 Diploma courses, 8 X monthly instalments for Accredited Level 3 Diploma courses, 9 X monthly instalments for Level 4 Accredited Diploma courses. and via 18 x monthly instalments for Level 5 BTEC Higher National Diplomas, Level 5 Accredited Diplomas, Level 6 Accredited Diplomas and Level 7 Accredited Diplomas.

Monthly instalments are collected on the same date each month over 6, 8, 9 or 18 consecutive months starting from enrolment date.

If you want to pay by installment Please contact Us on [email protected]

Please note: If a payment is declined or a payment is left outstanding, all Tutor Support will cease and the FULL outstanding amount will be payable. A £20.00 administration fee for each declined transaction will apply. Please see our website homepage for Terms & Conditions.



To calculate your instalment plan payments please take the full course price and divide by 6, 8, 9, or 18 months (Depending on your course). The initial instalment payment, will have a £40 administration fee added.



First payment



Monthly payments


IGCSE£92.50£52.50 X5
A Level £92.50£52.50 X5
Fast Track A Level £100.84£60.84 X5
Level 3 Diploma (£315) £92.50£52.50 X5
Level 3 Diploma (£365) £100.84£60.84 X5
Level 3 Diploma (£415) £109.17£69.17 X5
Level 3 Diploma (£465) £117.50£77.50 X5
Level 3 Diploma (CIE – £850) £146.25£106.25 X7
Level 4 Diploma (CIE – £2800) £351.12£311.12 X8
Level 4 Diploma (ATHE – £1800) £240£200 X8