What Can A levels Do For you

What Can A levels do for you?

Simply put, A Levels open doors. Regardless of whether you are seeking a new job, a promotion at your current workplace, or want to enter higher education, A Levels give you the keys to a better career and a brighter future by demonstrating your academic aptitude. Returning to education after a break also indicates your commitment to CPD and personal growth.

How do A levels work?

Note There are changes planned for the future, but this information is correct for students enrolling on the 2014-15 academic year.

Currently, A levels are split into 2 parts – the AS and the A2. Both need to be completed to achieve the full award. Each half typically takes a full academic year to complete. A levels are usually assessed by between 4-6 written exams, but some have coursework in addition to exams. A levels are graded from A*- F and most employers and universities will look for 2-4 A levels with grades C and up across a range of subjects.

Why are fast-track A levels different?

A fast track A level is designed to be completed in just one academic year – meaning you can be on your way to University or applying for new jobs in half the normal amount of time. With priority tutor support and no breaks for holidays, you can progress through the course at your own pace – we will not hold you back!

By completing the course in less time, it means that you can jump-start your career or education and be where you want to be in significantly less time.

What qualifications do you need to have to study a Fast Track A Level?

Students should have studied to GCSE level or equivalent, but are not required to have achieved specific grades, nor are they required to have studies

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