7 Best Social Marketing Courses That Take your Business Viral

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Best Social Marketing Courses 2019

Social Marketing is growing so fast that it’s become an ESSENTIAL part of any business marketing plan. This creates a HUGE opportunity for anyone that wants to earn great income from home – providing simple but valuable services to an unlimited range of clients.
Social media marketing is truly an evergreen opportunity and the client pool is practically unlimited and we picked a list for the best Digital Marketing Courses 2017/2018


1- The Complete Digital Marketing Course 

Master Digital Marketing and Grow Your Business from Scratch, Over 90,000+ students enrolled in this complete digital marketing course SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Google Analytics & More
You’ll go from beginner to extremely high-level and your instructor will take you through each step on screen.
By the end of the course, you will have defined your audience, set up a website and be driving traffic to the major marketing channels. You can implement the same steps at work or for your clients.
You will Be able to:

• Define your audience and unique selling proposition
• Perform market research to validate your idea
• Build a world-class WordPress website in an hour without any coding
• Build a mailing list of1000 people in 30 days with email marketing
• Get found in the search engines with SEO
• Drive Traffic & Sales with simple “how to” YouTube Video
• Increase Your Twitter Followers with 10 Strategies
• Get Your First 1000 Facebook Likes Without Paid Ads
• Become an authority & drive long term website traffic with Quora
• Create ads with Google Adwords that make you profits
• Measure results and track success with Google Analytics

Rating : 4.4 out of 5

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2- Digital Marketing Masterclass 2018 – 23 Courses in 1

Learn digital marketing skills to grow your business: Social Media, Facebook, SEO, YouTube, Email Marketing, and Websites. Learn everything you need to become a digital marketing expert, Grow your business, land a job in this hot marketing industry and help a client increase their business.

You will Be able to:
• learn how to use dozens of proven digital marketing strategies
• learn how to use all of the most popular social media platforms to grow your business
• increase conversions and sales with real world techniques
• grow your email list, website traffic, subscriber count, and social media following
• improve your brand identity and grow your brand’s audience

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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3- Social Media Marketing 2017 – Complete Certificate Course

The comprehensive Best – selling social media course, beginner to advanced. Take your business viral, Learn Everything from Twitter and Facebook to blogging, social media automation, G+ and content marketing. This course will take you from social zero to social hero using our proactive and practical approach.

you will be able to:

• Build a social media strategy
• Use advanced features of the most popular social networks
• Understand the fundamentals of content marketing
• Understand the basics of Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and blogging
• Plan goals and create a vision

Rating : 4.3 out of 5

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4- Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing & Growth Hacking

This course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to get back the sales you deserve and grow your business exponentially with growth hacking. This course is essential to all entrepreneurs, online marketers, employees. you will show precisely what to do to solve these situations with simple and easy techniques that anyone can apply

• Build A Social Media Strategy For Growth
• Create Great Social Media Content
• Create A Snowball Effect With Your Content Marketing And Get Viral
• Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing
• Youtube Ads
• Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing To Build An Email List
• Scalable & Non-Scalable Marketing Strategies For Growth
• 20 Social Media Branding Strategies

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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5- NEW for 2017! Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing (v 4.1)

Learn Google Analytics, social media marketing, public relations, email marketing SEO, AdWords.
Grow social media audiences using bots and organic techniques. Segment email lists and automate email marketing communications. You will learn Track, analyze, and leverage traffic and product usage data using Google Analytics.

you will be able to:

• Compete head-to-head with even the biggest firms in Silicon Valley
• Build your business with secrets unknown to most entrepreneurs
• Qualify for more prestigious and higher-paying digital marketing jobs
• Improve your outcomes with content marketing, social media, and SEO
• Discover the real potential of email marketing, viral marketing and public relations
• Lead digital marketing teams to massive increases in conversion rates
• Multiply your results with growth hacking applied across numerous channels

Rating : 4.4 out of 5

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6- Start a Successful Social Media Marketing Agency from Home

Being connected to social media can pay off in a very big way. With simply a Facebook account and this training, you too can have a high-paying social marketing agency you can run from home. With NO prior skills or experience, because everything’s covered in a step-by-step method from A-Z.

• Create your own social media marketing agency from home
• Assemble a team of skilled people to help grow and scale your business
• Offer a wide range of social media and digital marketing services
• Have the products and tools neccessary to find and close clients
• Up-sell and sross-sell your clients on other related and value-added services
• Create a website that advertises your services and gets leads

Rating : 4.4 out of 5

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7- Social Media Marketing: Go Viral on YouTube Twitter Facebook

Save hundreds of thousand dollars with the most secret marketing strategies. There are so much secret and unique strategies which no site.
After completing this course, you will be reaching to millions with a step by step well-organized one-month infrastructure and you will also learn how to dominate all social media platforms and be the master of social media networks

you will able to:

• Go viral on every social media platform
• Reach to 10 million views in a month
• How to pick the right keywords for your business
• Market your brand
• Increase your social media followers
• Increase your video view counts
• How to do the most effective marketing strategies

Rating : 4.8 out of 5

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