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This Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Manufacturing course will benefit anyone working in food processing, manufacturing, food assembly, packing and food storage. The course allows every manufacturing business, ...
The course provides a basic understanding of food safety and hygiene as it relates to the retail sector, covering issues such as displays for sale and hot display units, along with storage and preparing food for retail. ...
learn all about the importance of the right nutrition for creating health and wellness in the body. Over 14 powerful modules you will  cover the main systems of the human body.
Thiscourse is designed to learn you how sound and therapy work so well together. The art of using sound for healing is a fascinating and ancient method of restructuring energy to the benefit of the individual.
the Aromatherapy Diploma Course opens by sharing the history of the practice with you – explaining how it came about, how it’s changed and where it is today.
In This course will taken you straight into studying the tools of your trade, essential oils. You’ll grow to really understand each essential oil you use and how to combine facts and personal findings to compile ...
The course will giving you both the knowledge of how and why certain techniques work along with how to do them and incorporate them easily into your daily routine.
This course aims to help children to benefit from practising mindfulness and arm them with techniques that will help them to handle negative emotions better.
The Mindfulness Course learn you step-by-step how to make mindfulness a way of life.