15% OFF – What’s new in Java 8? Certification Training

Sharpen your Java skills by adding Java 8 into your armour. Master the art of functional programming with Java 8 features like functional interfaces, lambda expressions, streams and new Java 8 API.

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Edureka’s Java 8 course covers all the new features introduced in Java 8 like functional interfaces, lambdas and streams.Developers can use Java 8 to do functional programming in Java language.This course explains all the concepts of functional programming and how to do functional programming in Java.This course also dive into very powerful Java 8 Stream API which provides a way to perform all the collection related operations very easilyJava is moving fast and having knowledge of Java 8 will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.At the end of this course you will also develop a project using all the Java 8 features taught throughout the course