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Sophisticated Baking & Cake Design

This course is for everyone who:

loves baking cakes
is interested in cake designs
wishes to create a unique and exciting birthday cake for their children
is seeking a career as a baker and cake decorator
bakes cakes for fundraisers or school events and wants to make a great impression
is an event planner wishing to add a new element to their services
runs a tearoom, hotel or restaurant and wants to create special cakes for customers
is interested in making and selling unique cakes for friends or clients
wants to start a blog about their baking
is looking to turn their cake-baking hobby into a small business
plans to serve high teas at their venue or event

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Be a master baker in your own kitchen. If you love baking that everyone loves tasting, add the Wow factor by designing delicious cakes that’ll sell like hotcakes!Learning how to create gorgeous cakes like the top chefs is easily within your reach. Amaze your friends and family at every cake-eating event from birthdays to weddings with your silky icing and sophisticated cake designs.A lot of people may not realize is that you don’t have to have a degree from an expensive culinary school in order to create beautiful and sophisticated cakes. With a steady hand and our course, you can design delicious masterpieces that look like they’ve come straight from a top Parisian patisserie. As many as 7 million cakes are eaten in the USA every day! With so many people on special diets or with allergies, they’re looking for cakes that are safe as well as scrummy. As a bespoke cake artist, you’re in the perfect position to cater for their needs.Whether you get pleasure from seeing friends and colleagues enjoy your beautiful cakes or you want to monetize your skills, this course shows you the tricks of the trade to achieve your goals.Follow the steps in our Sophisticated Baking & Cake Design accredited course and you’ll be brimming with ideas for cakes for all occasions. You’ll be in huge demand too!

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