Level 4+5 Accredited Diploma in Animal Psychology


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This Level 5 qualification builds upon prior knowledge derived from either formal academic qualifications, or via practical experience. It is an internationally recognised qualification that provides a strong foundation for working with animals and a basis for further study at degree level. A Level 5 Accredited Diploma in Animal Psychology can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in Animal Psychology/Behaviour.


Syllabus and Unit Specification:


Unit 1: Using information, communication and technology ICT in the study of Animal Psychology

Level H1


Unit content

1 Applications of ICT in the study of Animal Psychology

2 ePortfolio constructs

3 Independent web based research

4 Principles of self-assessment and reflective writing



Unit 2: Putting Psychology into Perspective

Level H1


Unit content

1 Historical emergence of modern psychology

2 Theorists who helped shape psychological practices

3 Psychology specialisms

4 Draw comparisons between traditional and current theories



Unit 3: Approaches and constructs

Level: H1


Unit content

1 Biological approach in psychology

2 Evolutionary approach

3 Scientific research

4 Relationship between the different approaches and integration



Unit 4: Research methods and techniques

Level H1


Unit content

1 Study design in psychological research

2 Principles of quantitative research

Principles of quantitative

4 Advantages and disadvantages of different research methods



Unit 5: Classification and taxonomy

Level H1


Unit content

1 Classification system

2 Sub-categorization of domains

3 External resources relating to classification

4 Comparisons between species



Unit 6: The biology of mammals

Level H1


Unit content

Cell structure and function

Mammalian cellular replication processes

3 Gene expression in mammals

4 Sexual and asexual reproduction



Unit 7: Genetic principles of mammals

Level H1


Unit content

1 Processes of meiosis

2Pedigree diagram

3 Evaluate evidence related to genetic inheritance

4 Factors contributing to genetic inheritance



Unit 8: Comparative mechanics of behaviour in animals

Level H1


Unit content

1 Principles of perception

2 Rhythmic clocks

3 Hormone action

4 Trends in physiological mechanics



Unit 9: Behaviour and learning theories

Level H2


Unit content

1 Comparative habituation

2 Conditioning

3 Evaluation

4 Cultural transmission



Unit 10: Motivation and socialisation in animals

Level H2


Unit content

1 Animal motivation

2 Animal socialisation

3 Role of homeostasis

4 Cognitive ecology



Unit 11: The psychology of animal emotion

Level H2


Unit content

1 Social morality

2 Nature of animal emotion

3 Human intrusion

4 Psychology principles



Unit 12: The psychology of equine behaviour

Unit level : H2


Unit content

Evolution of wild horses to domesticity

2 Equine conditioning and learning processes

3 Equine behaviour and training

4 Behaviour modification in horses



Unit 13: The psychology of feline behaviour

Level H2


Unit content

1 Evolution of feral cats to domesticity

2 Conditioning and learning processes

3 Socialization processes in cats

4 Phobia and anxiety states



Unit 14: The psychology of canine behaviour

Level H2


Unit content

1 Evolution of wolves to domestic canines

2 Conditioning and learning processes

3 Socialization processes in dogs

4 Abnormal behaviour states in dogs



Unit 15: Comparative psychology

Level H2


Unit content

1 The principles of comparative psychology

2 Ethological principles

3 Attachment

4 Current ethological and models



Unit 16: Instinct, communication and adaptation

Level H2


Unit content

1 Common instinctive behaviour

2 Common adaptive behaviour

3 Common communication principles

4 Current research



Further Information

The course is delivered online via the Oxford Learning ‘On Campus’ website.

In the student ‘ ‘On Campus’ area you are able to take part in the student chat room and forums as part of our online student community.

After enrolling online you will receive your username and password to access the ‘On Campus’ area within 3 working days.

Materials and support provided by Oxford Learning.

A paper copy and/or a PDF copy of the course materials are also available to purchase during the online enrolment process.

Additional information

What's Included?

Online study materials to enable the student to successfully complete the Higher National Diploma.

Full support is provided by a personal tutor via the online system for the entire duration of the course (2 years).

All coursework marking and moderating.

Examination board certification upon completion.

Course Fee


Payment by Instalments

You may pay the course fees in monthly instalments

Available Options:

Online, PDF (+£25.00), Paper (+£75.00), Paper & PDF (+£100.00)

Entry Requirements

All students must be 17 years of age and above. Students should have completed a Level 3 Diploma or an A level standard course (or equivalent) before the Level 5 qualification.

Please note that you can enrol on this course anytime.

Study Hours

Approximately 60 hours per unit

Assessment Method

16 tutor marked assessments


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