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Home Makeover

This is the ideal course for any home owner who wants to turn their ho-hum home into their dream abode!
We teach you everything you need to know to keep costs down, aesthetic high, and to leave you feeling proud of everything you have accomplished!

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With the knowledge in this course, you can transform your home into your dream environment with much less effort than you might think. To begin with, your Home Refresh and Remodeling chapters will take you through the basics of decoration, refurbishment and simple repairs. Learn how to approach projects, work with contractors and keep to a budget. Discover how much work you can actually carry out yourself, saving significant costs. We’ll introduce you to the basics of interior design so you have an overall plan in mind before beginning refurbishment.
If you feel you’re ready to tackle more adventurous projects, your DIY Home Upgrade chapters take you on a rewarding journey into making your environment the best it can be. Adding new features to your home or garden through your own efforts increases your equity and also gives you deep satisfaction. Avoiding outside labor costs means you can do even more with your savings. Learn new techniques, skills and tips that help you make the changes you’d love to see sooner than you think.

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