BTEC HNC in Business Studies

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BTEC HNC in Business Studies
BTEC HNC in Business Studies




Syllabus: (120 GLH) 601/8364/0 (09/2017)
(Issue: 3)
Pearson BTEC 2017
Oxford Learning College is a seasoned provider of Business Studies courses, and we are now approved to offer this new BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business, which is a level 4 course, as part of our portfolio of professional courses. The course is based on the Pearson BTEC new Specifications for Business, which became available from the 2016 examination series. There are no external examinations, and the whole course is completed through continuous assessment.
Why Choose to Study BTEC Business?
Pearson, with a track record built over 30 years of learner success, have now greatly enhanced its BTEC Higher Nationals, which are widely recognised by industry and higher education as the signature vocational qualification at Level 4. They provide progression to the workplace, either directly, or via study at a higher level.
Proof comes from ‘You Gov’ research, which shows that 62% of large companies have recruited employees with Higher BTEC qualifications. What’s more, well over 100,000 BTEC Learners apply to UK universities every year and their BTEC Higher Nationals are accepted by over 150 UK universities and higher education institutes for relevant degree programmes, either on their own, or in combination with A Levels.
• They embody a fundamentally learner-centred approach to the curriculum, with a flexible, unit-based structure, and knowledge applied in project-based assessments
• They focus on the holistic development of the practical, interpersonal, and thinking skills, required to be able to succeed in employment and higher education.
• Employers are looking for recruits with a thorough grounding in the latest industry requirements and work-ready skills such as ‘teamwork’.
• Higher education needs Learners who have experience of research, extended writing, and meeting deadlines.
Today’s BTEC Higher Nationals are demanding, as you would expect of the most respected applied learning qualifications in the UK.  As a Learner on a BTEC course:
• You must be organised, take assessments that we have set and mark, and keep a portfolio of your assignments.
• You can feel proud to achieve a BTEC because, whatever your plans in life – whether you decide to study further, go on to work, or an apprenticeship, or set up your own business – your Oxford Learning College, BTEC Higher National will be your passport to success in the next stage of your life.
Oxford Learning College, has over successive years, been able to mark the success of many of its learners who have completed BTEC qualifications, and enjoyed success through employment, promotion, and entry to University programmes. We are also proud of the fact that many of our business learners are:
• Returning to us to complete higher awards like this new programme
• Building on our success as an academic institution that puts our learners at the heart of all we do, and achieve
• Giving positive feedback on our tuition and support
This course consists of EIGHT UNITS (8) from the BTEC Higher National Certificate syllabus and is a registered and recognisable qualification on its own.  Six are mandatory units and the final two are optional, chosen by the college in a set pathway.

Assessment Objectives

Awarding Body Syllabus

The course has EIGHT (8) Units, SIX (6) are mandatory, and the remaining TWO (2) are optional units but still need to be fully completed to attain the qualification. These are either set by the college, or the Awarding Body, and are all assessed: Internally by Oxford Learning College, and one (unit 6) is set by, and sometimes moderated externally by the Awarding Body.
The unit assessments to be completed at the end of each unit are arranged to ensure that the four assessment objectives are clearly placed and assessed prior to the final unit assessment.  These objectives are below:
AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business principles, concepts, processes, key terms, data sources and definitions
AO2: Analyse business information and data, demonstrating the ability to interpret the potential impact and influence on different business environments.
AO3: Evaluate evidence to make informed judgements about how business operates, finances, resources, execute and plan systems, develop and adapted in light of changing circumstances
AO4: Be able to develop; an understanding of appropriate justification, synthesising ideas and evidence from several sources to support arguments, that impact on business economics, marketing and strategies.
AOA: All of the EIGHT (8) Units, also carry their own Additional (AOA) requirements and Learning Outcomes (LO) which are given below.

Quality of Written Communication (QWC)

The BTEC Higher Nationals specifications require all learners to produce written material in English. Learners must: ensure that text is legible and that spelling, punctuation, and grammar are accurate so that meaning is clear, select and use a form and style of writing appropriate to purpose and to complex subject matter, organise information clearly and coherently, use specialist vocabulary when appropriate. In this Specification, QWC will be assessed in all questions and in all unit assessments.
Learners are also required to use the submission documentation for all assignments; word process work and present citations, references and quotations/diagrams using the Harvard Referencing Method.

Course Syllabus & Contents

The whole of the Level four (4) BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business has EIGHT (8) specific units of study, which are sub-divided into Learning Outcomes (LOs).  EACH UNIT is sub-divided into topics and themes for ease of study.
Each LO is presented in smaller topics that give the learner scope to explore business subjects at a pace to suite their own time commitment and learning targets. Each LO will follow the syllabus, and allow the learner to build assessed components of assignments.  The units are titled:

CORE UNIT: 1 – Business & the Business Environment

CORE UNIT: 2 –Marketing Essentials

CORE UNIT: 3 – Human Resource Management

CORE UNIT: 4 – Management and Operations

CORE UNIT: 5 – Management Accounting

CORE UNIT 6 – Managing a Successful Business Project


These final two units need to be completed to be awarded the full Higher National Certificate.

OPTIONAL UNIT: 7 – Innovation and Commercialisation

OPTIONAL UNIT: 8 – Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Support Materials

Although the course programme is ‘self contained’ and all online; the student may wish to obtain further materials in regards to learning. The following materials would be useful, but not essential to guide learning.

Course Assessment Requirements

All the course units carry a unit assessment. These are marked by a dedicated team of tutors. They will advise your learning, mark your assessments, and answer any academic course queries that may arise.
Learners are also fully supported by a dedicated Student Services Team who will be available to guide all non-academic aspects of the course from: accessing materials and any other administrative needs during your course. Support is never far away from our Learners.
BTEC Higher Nationals in Business are assessed using a combination of internally assessed centre-devised internal assignments (which are set and marked by centres) and internally assessed awarding body set assignments (which are set by Pearson Edexcel, and marked by the college). The Pearson Edexcel assignment is mandatory and for this course, is designated, as: Core Unit Six (6) Managing a Successful Business Project.

Internal Assessment Process

All units overviewed above; have Learning Outcomes (LOs); and these will be assessed using our Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA); which forms ONE (1) Summative Assessment. Eight need to be completed. These TMA’s will be based on real working experience, your own work experience, academic research processes and support materials from the Awarding Body and other academic sources.
Each unit assessment (eight in all) will be graded with feedback comments and support/advice from the course tutor (explanation of grading is given below).

Self-Assessment Activities

Each unit will have a short and optional ‘self-assessment activities’ which will ask revision questions about the content being learnt in the unit, and answers provided for the Learner to check their own knowledge and understanding. These ‘self tasks to do’s’ do not need to be sent into the tutor for marking – and if done so, would be returned unmarked.

Summative Assignment Grading Criteria

The grading criteria has been set by; Pearson Edexcel for this BTEC qualification and we follow that criteria in our assessment of Learner’s TMA’s. To achieve a:
Distinction:  a learner must have satisfied all the Distinction criteria (and therefore the Pass and Merit criteria), these define outstanding performance across the unit as a whole
Merit: a learner must have satisfied all the Merit criteria (and therefore the Pass criteria) through high performance in each learning aim
Pass: a learner must have satisfied all the Pass criteria for the learning aims, showing coverage of the unit content and therefore attainment at Level 4 of the national framework.
Refer: when work submitted for assessment at the first attempt is returned as referred, a Learner with guidance from our tutor will be allowed to make a second and final attempt at the assignment; at which point the outcome grade will only be a Pass.
Unclassified: where a second attempt in an assessment is returned as once again, not meeting the Learning Outcomes; the Learner will be graded unclassified. Extenuating circumstances can be made known for poor performance and considered by the Academic Team, whose decision is final.

Formative Assessment

The final outcome and attainment is decided in accordance with the aggregate score grading of a student’s work across the whole programme of learning. The tutor team will make the final formative assessments of your work, and confirm that a student’s final grade reflects the achievement of the learning outcomes. The tutor team will make all of the following decision and related outcomes:
• The grades achieved by students on the individual units
• Extenuating circumstances
• Cases of cheating and plagiarism
• Progression of students on to the next stage of the programme
• The awards to be made to students
• Referrals and deferrals.

Course Awarding Body

Pearson has a complete area of their website dedicated to Learners. This specialist area is full of helpful advice and guidance on all aspects of the courses being offered. We advise Learners to make use of this invaluable resource.  

Award Grading/Results

The college will be responsible for processing a learner’s results and arrangements to collect the award result remains with Oxford Learning College. This formal process will be moderated by our Quality Assurance Process in accordance with college regulations, and will make all recommendations to our Academic Board, who will make ALL final outcome decisions.

Final Grading

The awarding and certification of these qualifications will comply with the requirements of the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). In order to be awarded a full qualification, a learner must have successfully completed EIGHT (8) UNITS and achieve a PASS or ABOVE in ALL UNITS.
The final grade awarded for the qualification represents an aggregation of a Learner’s performance across the whole qualification. Therefore, there is some element of compensation in that a higher performance in some units may be balanced by a lower outcome in others.
Learners who do not meet the minimum requirements for a qualification grade to be awarded will be recorded as Unclassified (U) and will not be certificated. They can obtain a confirmation of study or an Academic Reference from the College.

Course Entry Requirements

Prospective Learners who are recruited should have commitment and a reasonable expectation of success on the programme. There are no formal entry requirements but Pearson will expect learners to have qualifications at or equivalent to Level:  TWO (2). Learners are most likely to succeed if they have completed one or more of the following:
Studied with us previously at the approved level (given below);
• Two or more, General Certificates of Education (A or AS Levels);
• BTEC qualification(s) at Level Three (3)
• Vocational Qualifications Attainment at level Three (3)
• Internationally recognised qualifications at UK level Three (3)
• Mature learners, should have a minimum of TWO years working experience at an appropriate level (this can be in a voluntary role).
• Achievement in: English and, mathematics through GCSE
• Attestable academic testimonials/references.
The college reserves the right to ask for proof of prior learning before a course is commenced, which may include: copies of certificates, transcripts of study and/or academic references.
Learners without formal qualifications may demonstrate ability to succeed in various ways. For example, learners may have relevant work experience or specific aptitude shown through diagnostic tests or non-education experience; for which proof may be required.

Study Hours

Total Qualification Time (TQT). TQT is an estimate of the total amount of time that could reasonably be expected to be required for a student to achieve and demonstrate the achievement of the level of attainment necessary for the award of a qualification. TQT includes undertaking each of the activities of Guided Learning, Directed Learning, and Invigilated Assessment. Each 15-credit unit approximates to a TQT of 150 hours and 60 hours of Guided Learning. The TQT and Unit Credit form the aggregate formation for calculating the final outcome grade.
Total Qualification Time (TQT) Higher National Certificate (HNC) = 1,200 hours
Pearson BTEC Award
A successful student who has completed all the course units will be awarded the Higher National Certificate in Business, subject to final confirmation by Pearson Awarding Body.


This qualification supports progression in our College to other Advanced other International Higher Awards in many academic subjects (see our level  5, 6 & 7 portfolio of courses online); and also, allow Learners to move onto Higher Education or similar Institution completing: Foundation Degrees; Degrees Post-graduate and other formal qualifications.

Internal Verification

As part of the requirements from all our awarding bodies, we maintain a team of highly skilled academic staff who scrutinise and ‘double mark’ tutor comments and grades. These are then fed into our Quality Assurance process in which we are able to ensure that tutors are being fair in their grades and consistent in their comments.

External Verification

In order to maintain our status as an institution, we are externally moderated by each of our awarding bodies; they all follow a similar process of verification across the whole spectrum of our programmes. In the case of this qualification, Unit 6 is sampled frequently by our Pearson External Examiner. This ensures that we are able to maintain strongly focused standards and offer what we proud to say is a quality assured service.

Learner Feedback/Attainment

Learners are always welcome to make comments, raise concerns, positive and feedback to us. Attainments of our Learners is key to our success as a college and through the process of our exit questionnaire, we are given invaluable feedback and help as we evolve our portfolio of learning, and maintain our strong competitive edge.

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