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Did you know there are as many as 500,000 native ASL speakers? And up to 2 million who have learnt ASL as a second or subsequent language? You can be the next!
American sign language is a thriving language, separate from English, used throughout the U.S., Canada, Africa, and some other parts of the world. Learning ASL allows you to communicate with any of these people, in any situation.
There are many social, cultural and professional reasons to learn sign language, including:

becoming part of the ASL community. You’ll be able to reach out and connect with people who are deaf and hard of hearing either socially or professionally
communicating with a new friend at school, relative or neighbor who is deaf
learning about deaf culture and community
expressing yourself through body language and not just words
learning a language is great exercise for the brain
interpreting the signals between coaches and players at major sports’ events (see how they use sign rather than shouting?)

Whether you’re seeking self-improvement and personal growth, work with the deaf community, or have friends or family members who are either deaf or are losing their hearing, learning American Sign Language, or ASL, can be immensely valuable to you. In addition to improving your skillset and learning a new language, you will learn how to use your body language and facial expressions to communicate, which can benefit you in every walk of life, including vocal communication.
Learning sign language is a great way to give back to your community by allowing you to communicate with deaf members of your neighborhood. It also allows you to facilitate communication in multiple fields, and can be highly beneficial for teachers, persons working in customer service and sales, and for those working with children in any capacity.
More than 5% of the world population has hearing loss, including 11 million in the USA, according to the World Health Organization. Therefore, anyone who deals with the public – from shop assistants to social workers – will benefit from knowing ASL.You can begin now by following the demonstrations and videos in our ASL online course.

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