Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Psychology

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Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Psychology
Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Psychology




This Level 3 Course in Psychology is designed to provide an introduction to those students who are interested in human behavior and would like to understand more about the topic or indeed are considering studying the subject at a higher level in the future.

On completion of the Course students may wish to consider taking a formal entry qualification in Psychology as part of a Graduate programme.

The College will provide you with the resources necessary to complete the course and will also provide you with tutor support. Tutors have all been specially selected for their knowledge and understanding of your particular area of study and have experience in Distance Learning support. The Course will combine theoretical knowledge of Psychology and practical applications of the subject in order to build a coherent understanding of the subject area.

Assignments which will be marked online by a course tutor. The assignments will develop theoretical knowledge and understanding gained from studying the relevant study Modules (and indeed further reading). Students are encouraged to develop self reflection and understanding during their Course of study which will assist them when considering a career or further study in Psychology. An important aspect of Psychology is the study of Research Skills and Analysis of Data and this is embedded within all modules.

The Course duration is one year and students study at home at their own pace using our virtual learning environment. The course offers flexible delivery so that the more time you can allocate to your studies the sooner you can complete the Course.

Upon enrollment you will be provided with all the necessary materials to complete the Course and you are free to study as often as you wish.

The College will provide you with the resources necessary to complete the course and you are also encouraged to read around the topics you are studying in further detail as this will help you decide whether or not your chosen course of study is the right topic for you to develop in the future.

The Assessment will assess:

  • Theoretical knowledge and understanding of theories of Psychology.
  • Practical Applications (you will be required to provide practice examples from applied settings such as schools or prisons).
  • Integrating theory into practice (this will combine theory with applied practice examples)



Course Content:


Unit 1 – Carl Gustav Jung


Unit 2 – The Psychoanalytic Approach


Unit 3 – B. F. Skinner and Behaviourism


Unit 4 – Carl Rogers and Humanistic Psychology


Unit 5 – The Cognitive Approaches


Unit 6 – Cognitive Therapy


Unit 7 – Social Construction and the Self


Unit 8 – Piaget and Vygotsky


Unit 9 – Cognition and Therapy


Unit 10 – Social Constructionism




The introduction to this topic has covered the basic course content and assessment criteria. Your tutor will support you throughout the course and provide guidance where it is needed.



The course is affiliated by ABC Awards by Oxford Distance Learning College and means that the contents and quality of the Course meets standards endorsed by Ofqual for Level 3 Courses. After the Course has been completed and the Assignments successfully passed by the Tutor Department Learners will be awarded a Completion Certificate from ABC Awards, together with a Learner Unit Summary which has details and information about the Assessment and Course.

ABC Awards is one of the UK’s leading Awarding Organisations, regulated by Ofqual and the Welsh Government. It has a long standing reputation for delivering vocational and academic courses and is subject to regular quality checks upon the delivery and content of courses. ABC Awards has registered Charity status and has 100 years of expertise for responsive, flexible and innovative delivery in the post 14 educational sector.

Additional information

Specification: Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Psychology

Entry Requirements

All students must be 16 years and above before they are eligible to study the Course. Level 3 Diploma courses require a minimum of study to GCSE standard in order to fulfil learning requirements.

Study Hours

Approximately: 200 hours of personal study time for the entire course is recommended. All of which is supported by the OLC Course Tutor, who we greatly encourage students to access support from throughout their course.

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