Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Abnormal Psychology

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Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Abnormal Psychology
Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Abnormal Psychology



This course is accredited by ACCPH at Level 3 and allows you join as a professional member after graduation.


This Level 3 Course in Abnormal Behaviour is designed to provide an introduction to those students who have some experience or understanding of working in a mental health setting and may be considering taking a formal entry qualification in a related field such as Psychiatric Nursing or a Social Worker specialising in issues connected with mental Health. It is also suitable for those students who have little or no formal understanding of the field but you would like to enhance their knowledge and understanding.


Students are required to pass two marked assignments and this will determine the award of the Level 3 Diploma in Abnormal Psychology. The Assignments will be expected to be approximately 3000 words in total and one will be completed by the mid point of the Course and one at the end of the Course. Assignments must be written by the student themselves and work that has been copied and pasted into the assignment will not be accepted as all work has to be screened for Plagiarism. The completed assignments will be marked online by a course tutor and feedback on performance will be provided. Tutor support will be provided throughout your Course of study and you are encouraged to make contact with your Tutor at the earliest possible opportunity as this will assist you develop your understanding and knowledge of the topic.

The Assessment will assess:

  • Theoretical knowledge and understanding of theories that are relevant to Abnormal Psychology
  • Practical Applications (you will be required to provide practice examples from applied health or social care settings).
  • Integrating theory into practice (this will combine theory with applied practice examples)


The Course duration is one year and students study at home at their own pace using our virtual learning environment. The course offers flexible delivery so that the more time you can allocate to your studies the sooner you can complete the Course. Upon enrolment you will be provided with all the necessary materials to complete the Course and you are free to study as often as you wish.


Course Content:


Unit 1 – Defining Mental Health


Unit 2 – What is Abnormal Psychology?


Unit 3 – Psychoanalytic Approach


Unit 4 – Carl Jung and the Post Freudians


Unit 5 – Biological, Behavioural and Humanistic Approaches


Unit 6 – Schizophrenia


Unit 7 – Depression


Unit 8 – Women and Madness


Unit 9 – Anti psychiatry


Unit 10: Unusual settings




The introduction to this topic has covered the basic course content and assessment criteria. Your tutor will support you throughout the course and provide guidance where it is needed.


This course has been developed by the College’s professional team of tutors to meet the needs of sector based employers and employees. It is also part of the College’s validated level three Diplomas’, recognised internationally, as verified and moderated Centre for Interactive Education (CIE Global). Further details of our accreditations are provided on our website.

Additional information

Specification: Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Abnormal Psychology

Entry Requirements

All students must be 16 years and above before they are eligible to study the Course. Level 3 Diploma courses require a minimum of study to GCSE standard in order to fulfil learning requirements.

Study Hours

Approximately: 200 hours of personal study time for the entire course is recommended. All of which is supported by the OLC Course Tutor, who we greatly encourage students to access support from throughout their course.

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