Level 4+5 Accredited Diploma in Psychology Studies


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Level 4+5 Accredited Diploma in Psychology

Syllabus and Unit Specification:

Unit 1: Using information, communication and technology ICT in Psychology Studies

Unit 2: Putting Psychology into Perspective

Unit 3: Humanist psychology

Unit 4: Research methods and techniques in psychology

Unit 5: Roles within psychology

Unit 6: Anatomy and physiology for psychology

Unit 7: Introduction to psychopathology

Unit 8: Organisational psychology

Unit 9: Cognition and development

Unit 10: Aggression, aggressive behaviour and underpinning abnormal psychology

Unit 11: More factors affecting behaviour

Unit 12: The psychology of addictive behaviour

Unit 13: Anomalistic behaviour

Unit 14: Specialist psychology applications: Neurolinguistic programming

Unit 15: Specialist psychology applications: Coaching

Unit 16: Specialist psychology applications: Counselling



Specification: Level 4+5 Accredited Diploma in Psychology Studies

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