Western Civilization Course

The purposes of this course are two-fold. First, I hope History 1B will assist students in developing their abilities in critical reading, thinking, speaking, and writing. These are important skills, essential for your success at UCLA, and later on in life. Please pay attention to how and what you write. If you find that you are having difficulties with the material or with your writing, contact me or your TA as soon as possible.

Second, the course serves as an introduction to the development of western society from around the year 1000 AD or CE (Common Era) to the early stages of the Enlightenment and the death of Louis XIV (France) in 1715. It is impossible to cover all the themes present in such vast chronological period. Emphasis will be place in some specific historical topics and discreet  events.

More information for this course here  http://www.online.ucla.edu

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