Using ISO 31000 to Establish Enterprise Risk Management

Using ISO 31000 to Establish Enterprise Risk Management

3 Days Executive Overview of Using ISO 31000 to Establish Enterprise Risk Management

Learn ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management, and how to leverage the ISO 31000 standard to establish and maintain an ERM program.

Then build-out the initial risk program policy right in class! iso 31000

A successful enterprise risk management (ERM) initiative can affect the likelihood and consequences of risks materializing, as well as deliver benefits related to better informed strategic decisions, successful delivery of change and increased operational efficiency. Other benefits include reduced cost of capital, more accurate financial reporting, competitive advantage, improved perception of the organization, better marketplace presence and, in the case of public service organizations, enhanced political and community support.

And since information security, business continuity/disaster recovery, environmental health and safety, and other critical management systems have the primary purpose of identifying and treating risk, it is essential that your organization establish a common platform and approach for managing risk.

As the foundation session of CIS risk management training courses, this 3-day risk management training and policy  workshop session provides thorough coverage of the ISO 31000 and 31010 standards, as well as setting out advice on the implementation of an ERM initiative. The purpose of the training is to:

  • Describe the principles and processes of risk management;
  • Provide a thorough overview of the requirements of ISO 31000, ISO 31010, and 27005;
  • Give practical guidance on designing and implementing a suitable enterprise risk management framework;
  • Establish a firm program starting point by using ISO standards 31000, 31010, and 27005 to build out the initial ERM core policy. Soft-copy editable templates are provided in the instructor-led class:
    • Complete ERM Policy (18-Page template provided)
    • ERM Context and Scope Document (10-Page template provided)
    • ERM Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment Methodology Document (18-Page template provided)
    • Procedure for Training and Development Needs Analysis document (8-Page template provided)
    • ERM Program project kick-off document (9-Page template provided)
    • Procedure for Identification of ERM Project Requirements document (4-Page template provided)
    • Procedure for Identification of Statutory, Regulatory, and Contractual Requirements document (1-Page template provided)
  • CIS Policy Workshop: ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management
Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit

8 cpeUpon course completion, we will provide you with an achievement certificate for 8 continuing professional education (CPE) credits that can be used to fulfill requirements for maintaining a variety of professional credentials for fraud examination, accounting, auditing, and information security.


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