The Maths Factor Summer Sale – 40% Off !!

The Maths Factor Summer Sale – 40% Off !!

Summer Sale!

40% Off A Quarterly Subscription


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Keep your child entertained over the long summer holidays while helping them to retain their maths skills with the Summer Clubs.

Open and iPad ready!

Enhance your childs maths skills by up to 25 months in just 1 year!

Improved confidence with maths in just one month!

Carol Vorderman’s online maths school offers online maths tuition, led by Carol herself, for children in primary school to use at home. It combines the best of the traditional methods of learning together with the best of the new.

Helping children to grow up with a love of numbers, not a fear!

Maths doesn’t have to be a chore! The Maths Factor makes maths rewarding for your child.


The Maths Factor Summer Clubs are open from July to September they are a fun way of learning maths and kids love them!


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(Offer expires on 21 August)

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 Very Low Cancellation Rate & A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee