Kentucky schools connect with homeschool kids via online courses

priceWayne County Schools will pay for online courses if homeschool students enroll in the district

Wayne County Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Allen Clark is offering a deal to homeschool families: If a homeschool student is willing to enroll in the district taking online courses, the district will pay for the classes.

“We assign a teacher from our high school and they work with the child,” Clark said.

If the student passes the classes, which cost about $100 total, Wayne County can count them in its average daily attendance numbers and receive state funds — about $3200 per student, per school year, according to Clark.

About seven or eight of the district’s 75 homeschool students took him up on the offer in 2015-16, and he hopes that 15 to 20 students enroll for 2016-17.

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