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IGCSE Mathematicsedexcel

Edexcel IGCSE  Mathematics is designed at a standard equivalent to the UK GCSE Mathematics. It provides a solid basis for students wishing to progress to AS and Advanced GCE Level qualifications. It also enables students to move onto courses requiring GCSE Maths at grade C or above such as teaching, nursing or similar vocational courses.

Overviewigcse mathematics

This course is designed to teach and prepare you for the Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics course specification A 4MA0 which teaches students about the Mathematics skills used in everyday life. The course teaches students to develop their range of mathematical skills and develop techniques in order to solve problems in mathematics. Covering Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics, the course is great for learning the entire course syllabus and training ready for your examination.The IGCSE in Mathematics can be studied from home with a single examination set by Edexcel used to measure the students progress.


Course Content

Included in this course are the following units:

Demonstrate knowledge understanding and skills in number and algebra:
·         Numbers and the numbering system
·         Calculations
·         Solving Numerical Problems
·         Equations, formulae and identities
·         Sequences functions and graphs
Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills in shape, space and measures:
·         Geometry
·         Vectors and transformation geometry
Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills in handling data
·         Statistics
Study Hours
Variable according to each student however Edexcel recommends 120 – 140 study hours.
Edexcel International GCSE Mathematics (A)
Specification: Edexcel 4MAO


Tutor support for 1 year.


Course Fee

enrollPay By instalments

Students are able to pay course fees in monthly instalments.