Health and Social Care Level 5 Distance Learning

Level 5 Accredited Diploma in Understanding Health and Social

Level 4+5 Accredited Diploma in Understanding Health and Social


The topics on this Health and Social Care Level 5 course are specially selected to give students a detailed understanding of the key issues in social care. This well-recognised and internationally transferable award, can equip you with the skills you need to begin working within the Health and Social Care Sector.


Syllabus and Unit Specification

Unit 1: Using information, communication and technology ICT in the study of Health and Social Care practices

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Information, communication and technology (ICT) comprises core skills for learning. In this distance learning course utilisation of methods, tools and strategies of ICT is important in order to establish and maintain a sound working relationship with tutors and the college.

Unit 2: Human growth and development

Unit 3: Essential anatomy and physiology for care practitioners

Unit 4: Health and Disease

Unit 5: Care and Communication

Unit 6: Focus on social issues

Unit 7: Socialisation, attachment and lifestyle

Unit 8: Focus on disease models

Unit 9: Public health contexts

Unit 10: Diagnosis and treatments

Unit 11: Promoting health

Unit 12: Research in health and social care

Unit 13: Safe caring and care services

Unit 14: Care contexts: roles and responsibilities

Unit 15: Antimicrobial resistance

Unit 16: Pharmacology for health and social care practitioners


Entry Requirements

All students must be 17 years of age and above. Students should have completed a Level 3 Diploma or an A level standard course (or equivalent) before the Level 5 qualification.


Assessment Method

16 tutor marked assessments.


Study Hours

Approximately 60 hours per unit .



CIE Level 5 Accredited Diploma in Level 4+5 Accredited Diploma in Understanding Health and Social

You will receive a certificate from CIE.



Materials and support provided by Oxford Learning.oxford college

A paper copy and/or a PDF copy of the course materials are also available to purchase during the online enrolment process.

Course Fee


Payment options

You may pay the course fees in monthly instalments.




Health and Social Care Level 5 Distance Learning



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