Fun math games

fun math games

We offer a number of hands on learning math resources. From file folder activities, to counters, curriculum, and more we have what you need to build your special learner’s math skills. Use our manipulative sets to help your students grasp mathematical concepts. You can use many of these items in the classroom or home for additional practice.


fun math games


Autism Teaching Materials and Academic Remediation

Academic RemediationAt National Autism Resources we are committed to providing the best tools and classroom supplies to support teachers. Nothing is more important to us than making every dollar count for your autistic students. Our academic materials have been carefully developed to accommodate the unique learning styles of students on the spectrum. We offer a wide variety of curriculum, flashcards, books, and materials designed to support IEP goals.

We carry a large selection of tools to help you teach your students to read, write and build math skills. Our language products range from beginning language to advanced pragmatic language and social skills. Check out our wide range of behavioral support materials that will increase independence and set your autistic students up for success. We accept purchase orders from school districts, clinics, and government institutions. We are happy to work with your school and are here to support each developmental step of your program.

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