Fast Track A Level Chemistry

Fast Track A Level Chemistry

Fast Track A Level Chemistry

Fast Track A Level Chemistry is concerned with the science of matter, particularly its structure, properties and reactions. Chemistry is of central importance to the sciences as a whole as the chemical reactions that it governs are fundamental to all of science. This A Level chemistry course contains all the information you will need to pass the A-Level Chemistry exams. You will have a personal tutor for the entirety of this course, who will be more than happy to aid you in completing this course, and will be available to mark all the end of unit assessments.

This specification is designed to encourage candidates to:

Gain data analysis skills
Appreciate how science works and its relevance beyond the laboratory
Develop an enthusiasm for Chemistry
Study Chemistry in a contemporary context


Qualification: A Level Chemistry
Accredited: Yes
QCF Recognised: Yes
Awarding Body: AQA
Start Date: Anytime – We enrol 365 days a year
Duration: Flexible – Approx 700 Hours – Support until June 2017
UCAS Points: Dependant on Grades


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