Diploma in Nutrition

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About the course

Nutrition programme is a 4-week guide to help you:

  • Change or improve your lifestyle.
  • Learn how to create balanced meals, set goals, adapt eating to achieve your objectives.
  • Understand how to master your health.
  • Ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, boost energy levels or for those who wish to add nutrition to their list of professional skills.

998,134 Successful Graduates

8 Live Interactive Lessons

4 Weeks Long

8 hours +

Course Content


  • Lesson 1 –Health is Your wealth
  • Lesson 2 –Magical Macro’s
  • Lesson 3 –Mighty Micro’s
  • Lesson 4 –Diets of the World
  • Lesson 5 –Helping Yourself
  • Lesson 6 –Energise Your life
  • Lesson 7 –Body & Mind
  • Lesson 8 –Specialised Diets


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