Campaign Planning and Management

Campaign Planning and Management

Campaign Planning

MarketingProfs University’s Campaign Planning and Management will show you how to run your best, most effective campaigns using a one-two punch. One: you’ll get the best-case-scenario perfect campaign framework. Two:you’ll get the nitty-gritty of how real marketers created successful campaigns under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Over the span of 7 classes, you’ll learn the key ingredients of the ideal campaign structure, from audience to research, media channels to metrics. Then, you’ll see how campaigns get real—and reality isn’t always pretty. Steps get skipped. Budgets slashed. Deadlines tightened. Yet out of this crucible comes great campaigns—tempered by the fires of these very realities. And we’re here to show you how to make that happen in your own campaigns.

Unlike other courses in campaign planning that focus on theory alone, Campaign Planning and Management is taught by instructors with hands-on experience. They’ve done the doing and they’re going to show you how they’ve succeeded (and failed). They’ll provide invaluable instruction as well as answer your specific questions in our exclusive Campaign Planning and Management Facebook group. Check out the class descriptions below and register now.

You can watch anytime, anywhere—and with MarketingProfs’ new mobile course access, we mean ANYWHERE—your desktop, laptop, even mobile phone. Plus you can watch (and re-watch) at your convenience.

For each class, you’ll have access to the class lecture and Q&A (streaming media), as well as several support materials: the slide deck (PDF), the audio track (MP3, so you can listen to the lectures on other devices), a transcript (PDF), and a “cheat sheet” (PDF). Once you view all of the classes, you can download a Certificate of Completion (PDF).

As part of the course, you can also take part in our course-exclusive Facebook group to network and share your questions and insights with fellow MPU students, staff, and instructors.



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 About The Provider


Marketing Profs University    marketing profs

MarketingProfs was founded by a professor of marketing back in 2000. So it seems only natural (if not a little belated) that we’ve now expanded our offerings to include MarketingProfs University (MPU).

In the past five years, we’ve brought practical, hands-on online seminars several times each month to our MarketingProfs PRO members. (If you’re counting, that’s more than 200 seminars under our belts.) With a different topic and speaker each week, the seminars keep our members current with the latest marketing strategies, tactics, tools and trends. MPU builds on that tradition with a broader, deeper, more focused program to help you master everything you need to know about a specific marketing topic.

MPU provides affordable, comprehensive online training in the interrelated disciplines that make up your marketing mix. With each course you’ll get 10-17 hours of instruction in what you need to plan, build, and measure successful marketing programs. Plus you’ll review best practices from your peers, discover new tools and processes, and get a reality check about what’s working in marketing today (and what’s just hype). Each class is led by an instructor who is an expert in the field and who has been vetted through participation and positive reviews in the MarketingProfs PRO seminar program. You get a Certificate of Completion when you finish a course. Best of all, each course is entirely online and even our “live” online classes are recorded during broadcast, so you can watch or re-watch them later. No travel costs and you can pause the instructor or replay particular parts of the lecture at your convenience.




As a Campaign Planning and Management student, you’ll get these free course materials (a $1200 value):

  1. A 3-month MarketingProfs PRO membership or a 3-month extension if you are already PRO (a $99 value)
  2. The all-new MarketingProfs report, No-Nonsense Media Mix Guide for Your Marketing Plan (a $49 value)
  3. Take 10: How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan with 8 Key Elements (a $10 value)
  4. Take 10: Six Ways to Turn Your Brand Into Eye Candy for Your Consumers (a $10 value)
  5. PRO Seminar: How to Craft a Winning Business Case for Your Marketing Initiative (a $129 value)
  6. PRO Seminar: How to Build Personas that Persuade Buyers and Increase Sales(a $129 value)
  7. PRO Seminar: Ten Best Practices for Performing Competitive Teardowns (a $129 value)
  8. Plus, 5 popular bonus classes hand-picked from previous courses. You can access the recordings as soon as you register (a $645 value)

Campaign Planning and Management includes these 7 classes (most are 60 minutes), plus the live Q&A closing session:

  1. FRAMEWORK: Campaign Planning and Management Fundamentals
  2. BRAND BUILDING: Taking on the Big Boys
  3. DEMAND GEN: Repurposing Content to Maximize Campaign Results
  4. B2B: What Really Happens When B2B Campaigns Come to Life
  5. MAPPING: Visual Campaign Planning: The Art of Mapping
  6. EVENTS: Building Successful Campaigns Around Events
  7. HUMAN ELEMENT: How to Run a Social Media Campaign Without Compromising Your Relationships
  8. LIVE Q&A: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Plus, you’ll get these 5 bonus classes from previous courses. You can access the recordings as soon as you register.

  1. STRATEGY: Creating a Winning Web Presence
  2. VIDEO: Winning the Video Revolution
  3. LOCATION: How to Make the Check-in a Touch Point
  4. CONNECTIONS: Developing an Email Strategy That Keeps People Connected
  5. CREATIVE: 10 Ways to Make Your Ads More Effective

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Campaign Planning and Management Fundamentals

Jon Miller—Vice President, Marketing Content and Strategy, Marketo

Campaigns are the bread and butter of your marketing communications, but they take a lot of planning and coordination to ensure that everything happens on time, on brand, and on budget. So where should your campaign planning start? And how do you plan? In this class, we will go over the basics of campaign planning and management to help you create the framework for a successful campaign.

You will learn:

  • The different components that compose a successful campaign
  • How to develop your business strategy, determine your personas, and plan your approach
  • Strategies for a smooth execution
  • Different approaches to measuring success



Taking on the Big Boys

Janet Carlisle—Vice President, Client Services, PJA Advertising & Marketing

Companies face two major problems: 1) making themselves known in a market dominated by big players with big marketing budgets and 2) entering a new and crowded market space where their brand is not yet recognized. In this class, we will look at two fully integrated approaches to these challenges. You will see not only how these approaches were developed for each case but also how new social media channels were successfully incorporated.

You will learn:

  • How one enterprise software company earned credibility by directly taking on the category leaders
  • How a company that was known primarily for networking software reinvented itself in an overcrowded cloud computing space
  • How social channels and influencer outreach are key to modern integrated campaigns



From the No-Budget Trenches: Repurposing Content to Maximize Campaign Results

Aaron Dun—Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Percussion Software

With enough time and budget, generating massive demand, thousands of leads, and hundreds of deals worth millions of revenue is easy. But what if you are like most B2B marketers and lack that massive budget? Don’t despair. In this class, we will explore three demand gen campaigns that delivered results on a budget. Learn tips and tricks that have worked well and even a few things to avoid when launching campaigns with limited resources.

You will learn:

  • How to structure campaigns on a budget
  • How to “design for reuse” so that each campaign asset delivers its maximum value
  • A few lessons learned the hard way that you can avoid (Hint: Make sure you have a good target list)



What Really Happens When B2B Campaigns Come to Life

Ruth P. Stevens—Author and CEO, eMarketing Strategy

B2B marketing campaigns tend to have many moving parts across a variety of channels, which means that the planning and execution of B2B campaigns can get exciting quickly. In this class, you’ll hear stories about marketing programs developed and executed for several companies targeting mid-to-large enterprises. You’ll get the strategic thinking behind each campaign, and follow the process step by step as campaign comes together, plus a candid assessment of what worked—and lessons learned from what didn’t work.

You will learn:

  • What happened in three B2B marketing campaigns
  • How to define campaign strategy, audience targeting, media selection, the creative approach, and resources
  • About the campaign results, lessons learned and, the techniques used to overcome unforeseen problems



Visual Campaign Planning: The Art of Mapping

Sabra Fiala—Strategic Marketing Consultant, Stamats Communications, Inc.

Best practices typically state that campaign planning documents are comprised of outlines and words. But that’s old school. It’s time to move into the next generation of campaign planning tools: visual mapping. The visual mapping process for campaign planning is a helpful set of diagnostics for critical elements of the campaign that includes audience identification, message development, segmentation, channel integration, media selection, and metrics.

You will learn:

  • To create a message matrix outline for use in your own campaign
  • How mapping can help you better align tactics with strategies and objectives necessary to achieve success
  • What metrics to track and how to monitor them throughout a campaign



Building Successful Campaigns Around Events

Steve Amiel—Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Easypurl, Inc.

When marketing for an event, we spend most of our time focused on the event itself and often fail to use pre- and post-show communications to their fullest extent. When utilized properly, marketers can use campaigns to meet, engage, and further qualify prospects and existing clients before, during, and after an event. This class will show you how to leverage events for higher quality leads and provide sales with the tools to nurture those opportunities.

You will learn:

  • Techniques for great pre-event communications strategies to qualify prospects who may not attend the event but would be worth contacting
  • How marketing can work with sales to improve the attendance and quality of prospects
  • How marketing can support sales to manage a larger radar screen of prospects while focusing on the best opportunities at the right time



How to Run a Social Media Campaign Without Compromising Your Relationships

Ilana Rabinowitz—Vice President of Marketing, Lion Brand Yarn

The unfortunate truth of campaign thinking is that it runs counter to the way most people engage with marketing content. It emphasizes short-term, corporate goals at a time when buyers are more likely to engage in ongoing conversations that are about them. Because potential customers are averse to anything that looks like an advertisement, this class will help you shape your campaign to customer needs (while still achieving corporate goals).

You will learn:

  • How to keep costs down by using in-house media as the centerpiece of your campaigns (without compromising social media relationships)
  • How to make your communications relevant to each form of media
  • How to create a simple plan and timeline that keep everything together

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Ruth Stevens, Aaron Dun, and Steve Amiel

Got a question that wasn’t answered in class? Something that you found confusing? Just want to chat with our instructors? Now’s your chance to pick the brains of some of the smartest marketers out there. They’ll spend an hour answering your questions, clarifying anything that might be causing you stress, and giving you even more of the great information you’ve come to expect from MarketingProfs University. No agenda—it’s all up to you!



Creating a Winning Web Presence

Philippa Gamse—Web Strategist, Websites That Win

Nearly 95% of all websites leave money on the table—either through missed opportunities for sales and leads or through resources expended fruitlessly. Effective websites require well-thought-out and well-executed strategies and tactics. This class will help you to ensure that you’re investing wisely, making the most of all opportunities, and maximizing your ROI.

You will learn:

  • How to design and implement integrated Web and social media tactics
  • Ways to ensure you’re assigning the right people to handle web-governance issues
  • How to create emotionally compelling content that appeals to a diverse audience



Winning the Video Revolution: 10 Things Every Marketer Must Know

Steve Stockman—President, Custom Productions, Inc.

Video is everywhere. We collectively upload 48 hours of video to YouTube every minute. Companies upload hours of video to corporate websites, Twitter, and Facebook. It seems as if every company in the world is either using video or panicking that they don’t know how. But just posting a video doesn’t mean anyone will watch it. We’re exposed to so much video today that viewers no longer have the time or patience for the bad stuff. If your video isn’t good, it’s gone—and so is all the time and money you spent shooting and promoting it. This class is about rethinking your approach to video—how to think about your audience and how you can create video that doesn’t suck. To get you there, we’ll discuss 10 critical elements of an effective video, including how and why audiences watch a video (and why they don’t), how to create a video that entertains and affects customer behavior, why story is the key to video success, and how to know—really know—if your video is any good.

You will learn:

  • How the “Entertain or Die” imperative determines who watches your video
  • Four things every video must have
  • What “going viral” really means and how to (possibly) get there
  • How you and your organization can improve your “video literacy”



How to Make the Check-in a Touch Point

Simon Salt—CEO, IncSlingers

Social location sharing is an important social media marketing trend. But, if you’re like many marketers, you may be wondering: What apps will work best for my business? And how do I integrate location sharing into my marketing mix? During this class you’ll learn to navigate the social sharing landscape, identify the right tools for you, and understand the most effective location-based marketing tactics.

  • What social location sharing is all about
  • How location-based marketing fits into a social media strategy
  • How to choose the apps that meet your needs
  • What key elements make up a social location sharing campaign



Developing an Email Strategy That Keeps People Connected

Morgan Stewart—CEO, Trendline Interactive

Marketers often think in terms of email campaigns, but consumers think in terms of the overall experience with a company—which starts the day they subscribe. Tricks and tactics don’t keep subscribers engaged, but a sound strategy that consistently delivers value to the user does. This class will identify the critical strategic elements, tie those elements to your specific business objectives, and demonstrate how to continually optimize your program based on customer feedback.

You will learn:

  • The key elements of an effective email marketing strategy
  • Best practices for collecting actionable input from your subscribers
  • How to optimize your contact strategy to drive business results



10 Ways to Make Your Ads More Effective

Mike Smith—Creative Arsonist and Co-Owner, MindFire Communications

Advertising is both an art and a science. In this class, you’ll hear from both sides—research-proven techniques that improve readership as well as design and copy approaches that capture and hold attention. You’ll see how the right personality, a unique message, and clean, powerful design can connect you with customers and set you apart from your competitors.

You will learn:

  • Some of the most common—and devastating—mistakes that are made in B2B ads and how to avoid them
  • A new way to view and evaluate your own ad creative
  • Ways to use tools to create better ads with stronger results


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Course Instructors


Aaron Dun

Before becoming Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Percussion, Aaron led marketing for the North American business unit of Ness Technologies, a global outsourcing services provider based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has worked with several B2B technology companies in his nearly 20-year marketing career. Aaron is an avid … more »

Ilana Rabinowitz

As the vice president of marketing at Lion Brand Yarn, Ilana Rabinowitz focuses on marketing to consumers through e-commerce, social media, and email. She blogs about marketing at Marketing Without A Net and Social Media Explorer. Ilana approaches marketing with an uncompromising focus on the customer grounded in psychology and … more »

Janet Carlisle

Janet Carlisle began her career more than 20 years ago, working on consumer brands such as General Mills, Fisher-Price, Perrier, and Gillette. Since that time, she’s worked at agencies big and small, honing her skills in marketing strategy. Most recently, she’s been PJA Advertising & Marketing’s advisor to brand leaders … more »

Jon Miller

With 13 years of enterprise software experience and industry-recognized expertise in marketing automation and analytic software, Jon Miller leads strategy and execution for all aspects of Marketo’s demand center. Before co-founding Marketo, Jon held positions at Epiphany, Exchange Partners, and Gemini Consulting. He is a top contributor to the … more »

Ruth P. Stevens

Ruth P. Stevens teaches marketing at Columbia Business School and is a guest blogger at and Biznology. She is also the author of Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers (Que, 2011). Currently serving as a director of Edmund Optics, Inc., Ruth has held senior marketing positions … more »

Sabra Fiala

Sabra Fiala joined Stamats, a higher education consulting firm, in 2003 with nearly a decade of integrated direct marketing experience. Before working at Stamats, she worked in both the advertising and lead generation industries, specializing in integrated direct marketing programs for various B2B clients. Sabra has extensive experience with customer … more »

Steve Amiel

Steven Amiel brings 25 years of print and data-driven communications experience, having owned both print companies and a technology company, MMI Solutions, whose focus was marketing automation software. In February 2012, he sold his business to Easypurl, where he is passionately committed to helping clients amplify and improve the results … more »


Campaign Planning and Management


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