Btec National Diploma in IT System Support – 30% OFF

Btec National Diploma in IT System Support


 Btec national diploma in IT system support

BTEC National IT qualifications are an accredited part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). This means that each unit carries credits which can be used to aid your entry into higher education.

Access to Higher Education

A BTEC National Extended Diploma in IT (Systems Support & Networking) Level 3 carries 150 QCF credits and is equivalent to 3 x A-Levels and so usually enough for direct University Entry.

Vendor Certification

BTEC National in IT qualifications can award credit for IT industry certifications from organisations such as CompTIA, Microsoft and CISCO, meaning that you will receive recognition academically at the same time as you gain IT certifications. QCF IT qualifications offer the perfect blend of vocational, industry and academic recognition.

Learning with Kandu IT

BTEC National IT (QCF) qualifications are normally only available by attending college, fulltime, sometimes for as long as 2 years. This means tight deadlines must be observed, which can make obtaining such certification difficult for those in full-time employment, or not in a situation to commit for such a long period of time.

Our modular system separates the training, registration and assessment elements making the process manageable and affordable for all. The assessment packages allow for qualifications to be topped up 30 Credits at a time meaning you are able to commit for a period of months rather than years, take a break and then return to upgrade when convenient.


Complete Learning

Complete the learning content at your own pace. Until you register for the first assessment pack you are under no pressure with deadlines and can take your time to prepare.

Assessment Pack 01

Complete Assessment Pack 01 and gain a 30 Credit BTEC National Certificate in IT


Optionally complete further Assessment Packs, upgrading your certification 30 Credits at a time.

Add Vendor Units

Boost your Certification further by adding Vendor Units to your BTEC. Exams from CompTIA, Microsoft and CISCO are usually worth 10 further Credits each.

Higher Education?

The 150 Credit BTEC Extended Diploma in IT (Networking & Systems Support) Level 3 is equivalent to 3 A-Levels and usually enough for direct University Entry

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