AS English Language and Literature Edexcel

AS English Language and Literature Edexcel

(2015 Specification)edexcel



The AS English Language and Literature specification requires students to undertake a varied programme of study so that they show knowledge and understanding of:


  • a range of spoken and written texts from different times, including at least two texts from one of the genres of prose fiction, poetry and drama and at least one other substantial written text
  • some of the key constituents of language and how they function in combination to make meaning in spoken and written English
  • how variations in language, form and context shape and change meanings in speech and writing
  • some of the ways in which individual texts are interpreted by different readers or listeners
  • some analytical and creative approaches to the critical study of texts, drawing on linguistic and literary methodologies and concepts.



The course is subdivided into 3 units.

Unit 1: Assessment Obtectives

  • AO1 Apply concepts and methods from linguistic and literary study, using appropriate terminology and clear written expression
  • AO2 Analyse the ways in which meanings are shaped with texts
  • AO3 Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which texts are produced and received
  • AO4 Explore connections across texts, informed by linguistic and literary concepts
  • AO5 Demonstrate expertise and creativity in the use of English to communicate in different


Unit 2: Varieties in Language and Literature Section A: Love and Loss – Tess of the D’Ubervilles

unit3:  Varieties in Language and Literature Section B: Love and Loss – Metaphysical Poetry


Course Fee

£ 215





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